oil or water based stain

abfromnjApril 7, 2009

I know this question as well has probably come up a number of times on this forum but was wondering which is better. I have a huge deck (2500 sq ft.) of pressure treated wood that gets mostly shade through spring, summer, and fall here in NJ. I moved in to the house 3 years ago and had a company treat the deck with wolmans clear and it seemed to wear off in a year completely. I now want to use a semi transparent stain and have gotten several estimates. I am leaning toward READY SEAL STAIN but one contractor said that the ready seal will turn brown b/c i get alot of mold b/c of shade. I asked them about twp but they haven't heard of it. two recommended behr but from this forum sounds like crap. any recommendations on ready seal, cabots, or something else? also what is better oil based or waterbased? I need something to last around 3 years b/c of the cost. this has been bugging me for a couple of weeks now.

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Do a search on this site.

Side Note>> just stop it already highlighting RSS enough of this sales rep stuff

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yo. cuz. i know nothing about deck stain. i am not highlighting anything just asking for legitimate help. i am a sales rep for insurance genius. again i got several estimates and do not want to get ripped off. i did a search and it seemed that a lot of the posts were older, besides you seem to be a sales rep for twp. with your attitude it is amazing that you have any type of business whatsoever.

side note>>u r not tough give up the act

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I live in the foothill region of central CA: hot dry summer/fall and cold, freezing and often rainy & foggy winter. Just replaced 20-yr-old redwood deck with new redwood (the lower grade redwood, not top notch) and need to seal it. Read all the post since 2005 re: "I've had it with deck stains." Can someone tell me what to use on redwood in my climate? I thought a clear oil sealer was best (no color or stain), but now after reading so much info, I'm totally confused. Do oil sealers offer UV protection in the formula? Is oil sealer better than water-based in my climate? Is the wax content in oil products a good thing or a bad thing in this climate. Help! Please! Thank you.

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Best choice is Ready Seal Med Brown. Do not go near a contractor who uses Behr.
\Redwood Ready Seal Med Red color. It is oil based. Wax in product causes nightmares.

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Thanks CaptRandy! Really Appreciate your help. One more question about color. Is it important to choose the med red color or would a "natural" color also work well on top of the redwood? Ultimately, won't it all fade to gray?

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