Dryer vent under deck - how to vent

susanilz5April 28, 2014

We have a 22 year old 16' x 24' cedar deck which is approx 2 feet off the ground. Our dryer vent comes out under the house and vents under the deck. The vent runs 14' through the house to get to the outside. The deck boards have a slight space between them and the skirt of the deck is open lattice so air can pass through.

We are in the process of rebuilding the deck with cedar. Our contractor wants to put a cedar skirt around the base of the deck. He says he would have to run the dryer vent out from the house to the end of the deck if he puts a skirt on. He also intends to butt the cedar deck boards close together because he says they shrink.

I'm concerned about possible problems with extending the pipe out side in our cold midwest winters and hot and humid summers. The contractor thinks the skirt of the deck will look nicer then the lattice and dosen't seem too concerned with running a dryer vent pipe outside. I'm not sure how many feet but if he runs it straight out it would add at least 16' which seems like a a very long run for a dryer vent.

Am I worrying over nothing or should I be concerned about his plan?

Thank you!


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If you check the spec on your dryer I think you will find that you will be exceeding the ability of the dryer to move the air to dry effectively. Each load will take longer and therefore be more costly. I'd suggest that you look into a booster fan. Tjernlund makes about the best of them in my opinion. Watch their video on operation. You could take the 4" exhaust pipe (try to use smooth walled ridged pipe) and insulate and sleeve it with PVC on the portion under the deck. The vent should not terminate under the deck

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Thank you for your reply. We decided to skip the solid wood skirt around the deck and keep the lattice. We did
not extend the vent out of the house into the elements.

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Through the roof!

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