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Navy80to04April 16, 2011

Hi everyone,

Did a search and could not find out about this, so I will ask.

Brother N Law is giving us there old hot tub, big 6 person one. Heater went out. and they are getting a new one. I put in heaters in hot tubs before, no trouble in doing this. What I just built a new home for my self to live in and I have city (HARD Water 14 GPG with a little iron). I have put in water filters and water softening system (GXSF40H GE) Do I fill my hot tub up with that (slowly not to over work the softener) or just hard city water? and is there salt water systems for hot tubs too?

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14gpg * 17.1 = 239ppm. That really isn't that hard, and can be compensated for by adjusting the TA.

I don't recommend salt for portable tubs because a lot of the equipment is stainless, and the salt destroys stainless.

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