Problems with air in my reverse osmosis

az_condoDecember 17, 2010

I hope someone can help me because I can't find an answer on google. I'm trying to figure out the issue with my reverse osmosis system. When I flip open the RO faucet to get water the pressure is good for a 1/2 minute or so and then I hear this air escaping sound and then I lose most of my water pressure. I'm not leaking any water. I have a three filter stage system with a large tank and the tube that runs into the stages shakes when I hear the air escaping sound. Can someone point me in the right direction?

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Check the storage tank for proper air charge. If you get water at the air valve the bladder is ruptured.

Remove and drain the tank. Check the air pressure with no water in it. Should be about 7 psi. It's a small volume of air so you have to be quick with the air gauge. Digital gauges work well. You'll need a bicycle pump to add air. A compressor may damage the internal bladder.

Let us know what you find.

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Thanks I think that fixed my problem. I drained the tank and then took a hand pump and added pressure until it reached 7 psi. I put it all back together and then I noticed on top of the tank that water was seeping out from the valve. The valve was lose. Since I bought the place with the RO in, I thought it was suppose to be somewhat lose. I took the tank back out and re-drained the water, tightened the valve and then re-checked the pressure. I then put it all back together and it works like it should. As a tip, the water came out of the tank slowly when draining. I screwed the pump into the pressure valve and the water came gushing out.

Thanks again.

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Water leaking is usually an indicator that something is wrong.

Fixes that are EZ and cost nothing are always preferred.

Since the RO was in the house when you bought it now is a good time to establish a routine service cycle. Pre and post filters should be changed and the RO sanitized. Would be a good idea to get a TDS tester, or have the RO water tested for TDS, and see if the RO is performing correctly. Should have a rejection rate of 90% or higher. If not a complete filter and membrane change and sanitize is recommended.

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"Would be a good idea to get a TDS tester, or have the RO water tested for TDS, and see if the RO is performing correctly."

Ditto. If your membrane isn't performing, that's pretty much the ball game.

Below is one alternative among many. Used to be expensive but not cheap enough that anyone with RO should have one, IMHO.

Here is a link that might be useful: One alternative among many

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