Deck Stain?

NewLKNPoolApril 24, 2013

We put a pool in a year ago and we did a salt finished concrete deck.. we HATE it. After a year it STILL has dirt stains and if you spray it hard with a hose, it looks like it gets etched a anyone ever stained their concrete pool deck?

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Lori B

Did your salt finish concrete have color added at the time of pour? Or is it just plain white? We were thinking about salt finish for our decking....

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we did not add any color, wish we did. we hate the salt finish, dirt gets in the gaps and it is just a mess! Not sure it was worth it.

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Lori B

We went with the salt decking, with the coloring. We are in the final stages of pool completion. Someone has already etched / stained our brand new concrete. (I have another thread right now with pictures). I'm not sure which crew did it. We *think* it was when they came to expose the plaster, because we remember an acid box sitting in the area where the etching is. The pool builder is saying there is nothing they can do now!

A neighbor who also has a pool came over today and looked at it. She agreed, that even someone who isn't all particular would agree that it is noticeably damaged.

Are you saying that it will continue to etch?? It almost seems like the color added makes the etching / bleaching stains worse!! We have salt finish plain concrete on existing patio and it seems more naturally mottled. Not sure if it's just because it's 3 years old and not so "perfect."

I'm so mad that they etched our brand new decking and have offered no remedy or alternative.

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I was debating between rock salt deck and exposed aggregate. Maybe aggregate would be a better option based on what everyone is saying! I love the look of rock salt, but don't want to worry about it staying that way. Aggregate is a bit uncomfortable to walk on barefoot, but holds up pretty well over time. I guess with everything, there is good and bad to consider!

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Yes, you can stain over the rock salt finish

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