Fiberglass floor--can they restore the whole thing?

love2weedApril 12, 2012

We have two fairly large cracks in our fiberglass pool. We are waiting for the mfg. rep. to come out and repair. The contractor tells me they are great at repairing the pools, but I feel like by the time they cut these cracks out--they will practically be replacing the whole floor. We have a small 12x24. Just how repairable are fiberglass pools?

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I would push for a replacement of the pool if it still under warrranty. I would not settle for a patch job. I have a feeling it will be visible once the pool is refilled.

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If the cracks leak, and I seem to recall this being the case, if the base it sits on is washed out, another recollection, it needs to be filled. The repair will not be an exact match in most cases but it will be very close.


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Scott said it if you have cracks in the shell more than likely a void underneath caused it. That has to be addressed first or you will be right back having the same problem in the near future.


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