Patio Gazebo Question

cactuscatieApril 9, 2008

We just layed patio pavers and would like to get a gazebo. My husband does not want to drill into the pavers in order the bolt down the gazebo. Are there any ideas as to how to secure a gazebo from the elements or does anyone have another idea besides a gazebo. Thanks for any suggestions.

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I would think the weight of a completely built gazebo is sufficient enough to keep it from blowing away and probably doesn't have to be bolted down. Besides, attaching it to pavers really isn't substantial enough anyway. Sitting it right on top of pavers, bolted or not, can not compare to proper footings.
I am sure you can get more detailed information from your gazebo source.

Good Luck,
The PorchGuy

Here is a link that might be useful: My Album

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Fastening to the pavers would not be a good idea, you need concrete footings with some post bases that imbed into the concrete. Free standing structures like gazebos tend to have movement unless properly fastened down. Simpson makes some like this, but I always use custom made bases fabricated by a welder.


You make some awesome porches, hat's off to you. However I can not understand how you could say a gazebo would be ok not bolted down.

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Remove pavers from area where gazebo posts would go.
Dig holes for footings.
Pour concrete, secure posts to footings.
Reinstall pavers, cutting to fit around post.

High winds will knock over a top-heavy structure that has no solid foundation - that'll mess up your pavers and you'll have to reinstall a bunch of them at that point rebuild your gazebo.


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JohnI total agree with the M a c.


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Mac's suggestion is good. My patio installer offered to do that. But I wasn't sure, since my gazebo may need to be replaced. They don't seem to last for yrs. Maybe if I found one that did.

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