Help... Pinholes in Copper Pipes!!

autiger8820December 17, 2012

I have had 3 pinholes occur in the copper piping in my house...

My house is only 6 years old, and all the pinholes have occured within the last 4 weeks. All of them on the hotwater line coming from the hot water heater, within 15 feet of the tank.... I am on County water...

I replaced the three sections where the pinholes were, and inside the copper pipe I removed, a black film coated the interior of the pipe, and the interior of the pipe also felt like sand paper....

I dont understand why this happened or how copper 6 years old has become so bad..

1. What has caused this condition? How do I determine the cause?

3 Can i prevent it from getting worse?

2. How bad is this problem, and will I have to relpace the pipe in the whole house?

Thanks for the help... i am pretty clueless about this stuff...

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Are the galvanic isolators (plastic rings on the tank connections there?

The tank is steel.

It will corrode the copper pipe if connected without an isolator.

They are usually built into the tank connections, but could have been removed.

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