Removing Steam Valve (and everything else)

elisa73December 22, 2012

I hope this makes sense: We have a steam pipe valve sticking out from the kitchen floor.

There used to be a radiator attached to it, but it had been removed by the previous owner. The valve that sticks out prevents the door to the basement to open fully. When the heat is on, the valve is hot (I'm guessing it's still connected to the heater).

We are thinking of removing it ourselves, because we have finished all the money in our home renovation and the plumber is too expensive. Can we do this ourselves?

What's step-by-step? We can see the pipe from the basement, so we follow it and turn off the steam that goes to it and then remove the valve in the kitchen? Do we need to cap off the pipe in the basement? If so, how do you cap it off?


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How old is the piping? If it's steam, safe bet it's well more than 50 years....

Having just replaced some steel piping from the furnace (hydronic system) that's as old as the house (75 yo), steel fittings give up the ghost grudgingly, if at all. I had to use a Sawzall to remove a reducing tee when a 2' pipe wrench, a 4' cheater bar and lots of penetrant couldn't.

Is a working furnace a good enough gift to the wife for Christmas? ;-)


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