shower head-- ball joint only?

cnvhDecember 17, 2006

Our shower head conked out on us last week, so I went to Lowe's and picked up a new shower head... the problem, though, is that it doesn't angle down far enough for my liking. We have a 4' shower stall, and I like being able to get out of the shower spray to do certain stuff (i.e., shaving), but with this new shower head, I have no way of escaping the spray because of its limited angling.

Hubby and I went to HD yesterday to try and find a solution. Hubby's idea was to attach a 45-degree angle joint to the shower pipe and screw the new shower head onto that-- which has been a great solution for ME, but not for my hubby (who is almost a foot taller than me), since now it won't angle UP high enough for him.

Do they make such a thing as a ball joint ONLY, that we can attach to the shower pipe, thus giving us more angle-ability with the new shower head? It seems logical that such a part would exist, but I've been looking online and have had no luck... I think it might be called something that I'm not entering into a search properly.

Any suggestions?

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