Counter Depth Refrigerator

Bisquick1March 2, 2012

I'm sorry I bought a Samsung counter depth refrigerator - I really didn't think it through as it's definitely too small. I also insisted on through the door water and ice, another boo-boo because the ice-maker actually shoots ice cubes, sometimes across the room. It also takes up a huge amount of room in the fridge. The stainless steel exterior shows every little fingerprint and drives me nuts. Considering that there are only 2 of us, I'm surprised at how much food I want to store. The veggie drawers are very shallow and the celery has to be cut off and shoved in catty-corner. BUT it does LOOK great and the led interior lights look amazing. The pull-out tray can be irritating because you have to open both fridge doors to get at it. Another complaint I have is that there is a rather large lip on each shelf, making that space unusable - I know it's for catching spills but it should be more narrow when space is at a premium. It's also true that Samsung doesn't make as much ice as our old Amana - they also aerate the water when making ice so it's cloudy and not as solid as old-fashioned ice. I don't know if that's some sort of energy-saving thing? Speaking of energy-saving, I have this new Samsung fridge, new Kitchenaid dishwasher, new Samsung front loader washer - all energy STAR - and guess what, after 2 years of use I have seen no difference in our energy bills - chuckle. Next fridge will be a normal depth, no french doors, no through the door water/ice, and some sort of finish that's easier to maintain. Thanks for listening!

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Bisquick1, I'm sorry you are disappointed with your fridge. Would you consider selling it on CL, Ebay or donating it and then buying something you really want?

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After 3 months of all new appliances (that replaced 30 year old ones), I haven't seen any difference in the energy bills either. Very strange.

Our new one is a counter-depth Samsung (no ice-maker & not SS), but I do like it.

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I would never like a counter depth fridge. My sister got one and it looks way too small inside. But it does look really nice from the outside. I have an LG french door, with ice and water on the door and I love it! You really should look into selling it and getting one you would like better.

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Not surprising - Energy Star is a bit of a scam. The manufacturers usually achieve the Energy Star ratings using settings and options that users typically don't use. Also thees days, many electronic items such as TVs, computers, receivers, etc. are never actually off unless you unplug them - even when they're turned off, they're in standby mode using small amounts of electricity.

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I've been using our new SS counter depth French door Kenmore Elite(really LG ) for several weeks now and I like it so far....way better than my old SXS, especially the freezer. Ours is against a wall so the fact that one door doesn't open all the way is a pain, but I had that with the sxs as well. I love through the door ice makers and ours is on the door, so more room in the fridge. It's just DH and I and I find the space adequate. I'm not letting fingerprints bother me on any of the appliances....I'll wipe them down quickly once a week and call it a old white appliances showed things may not be my dream fridge, but I'd never go back to a SXS.

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We have the Kenmore Elite badged counter depth Samsung SxS and love it. We also made sure we got the largest capacity counter depth fridge available with icemaker in the door to free up all the shelves in the freezer compartment. No problems with the drawers or celery storage, no ice shooting across the floor or anything. Maybe they've changed the design since they made yours or maybe it's because yours is a FD--don't know.

What I do experience is the fingerprint issue. I tried wiping down with just soap & water, tried Pledge, tried Windex-nothing worked completely. Then I found Weiman's Stainless Steel Cleaner Wipes in the grocery store--Wow!!! All fingerprints & drip marks disappeared and it seems to help the surface resist fingerprints as well. We are going on a week and no fingerprints--and that's with a 7 yr old & a 17 yr old going in and out of the fridge all the time + DH & I. You may want to give them a try.

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We've had a Samsung CD/FD fridge since October 2010.
It's just the 2 of us so it's plenty big.
We've had no issues with shooting ice or any other problems with the through the door dispenser.
The shelves are easily adjustable and it runs very quietly.
It keeps food much longer than our old fridge.
We'd definetly buy one of these again.

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I also have a new counter depth stainless Samsung with ice and water in the door. We do not have any ice shooting across the floor. You can hear the ice dropping into the storage bucket after it makes new cubes. I find the interior space is adequate for my DH and I even when we are entertaining. Definitely haven't had to cut the celery up to fit it in the veggie drawer. Food stays fresher much longer than in my old refrigerator. Not really having trouble keeping the stainless steel finish clean and shiny either.
Sorry to hear you do not like your fridg.

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Thanks for all the input! It's not that I hate the fridge, it's more like I did all this research and still messed up. I'm just disappointed I didn't think it through. I'll definitely try the Weiman's wipes - great idea. This Samsung is noisy when it makes ice, otherwise it's very quiet (and it still looks fabulous). Maybe I'm a food or condiment, that's why I don't have enough room in the fridge. I did have the repair guy in to look at the ice dispenser - he said that the force of the ice ejector was totally normal. This fridge is about 2 years old so it's possible that they changed the amount of force used to eject ice - I have a friend with the same problem and his Samsung fridge is the same age.

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Debbi Branka

I have a JennAir counter depth french door. My former fridge was a Kenmore side by side with ice/water through the door. It was 22 cubic feet. The new JennAir is 22 cubic feet. I love this fridge! It has filtered water from the inside side wall and ice maker below in the freezer. I love everything about it! It's white with floating glass. I hope these pictures aren't too big.

Water through inside wall

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We didn't get a counter-depth, and we also steered clear of the ice/Water-in-door (thought it would just break at some point). But I do feel your pain on the ridiculous wide deli drawer. What is the point of that thing? When we were fridge-shopping three years ago we couldn't find a french-door fridge that DIDN'T have one. I would much rather have additional shelf height and no deli drawer.

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My mother has a Sub-Zero with exactly that projectile-ice feature! Unless you hold the glass exactly at the top of the dispenser, as opposed to resting it on the ledge below it (which was cheap, plastic, not very secure, and broke right away...) - Rocket Ice. She has a floor of limestone or something, so it doesn't hurt the floor. And for some reason, I never remember this when I visit, so it cracks me up at least once each time when I get ice and it bounces off the bottom and sides of my glass and goes blasting all over the room. But of course, it would not be funny to live with.

I guess my point is, it isn't brand-specific. I wonder if it is adjustable somehow? My mom just opens the freezer to get ice now. (She also doesn't like the water that comes out of the dispenser, so she keeps a Brita pitcher in the fridge...)


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Holly- Kay

Deb52, I lam so glad to hear you love your JA. I purchased mine in ss with the pro handles. All appliances should be delivered in the next two weeks and I am so anxious for the fridge. DH wanted ice and water on the door but I nixed that as I wanted the sleek look of having it inside. I spent weeks going back and forth betwwen the black floating glass and the SS. I finally decided on the ss because I was worried that the black would be too dark in my kitchen but I thought it would be super easy to care for. The white looks awesome in your space!

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That refrigerator price link took me to a site for prices in India???

I hate that you are unhappy with your fridge. I am limited to counter depth in my remodel and I am looking at the Electrolux IQ Touch with the perfect temp drawer. Luckily, I will have a full size fridge in the basement to store extras. But, I am still considering omitting the door ice/water so thanks for your thoughts on that issue. Good luck :)

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a lot of things depend: how often does the compressor run and that depends on frequency of open and closing fridge...are some people keeping the door open extended intervals? how "stocked" is the unit.....does the unit have some air space around front back and it near an exterior window or door that opens/closes with a lot with warm air filling the area around the opening area of it adjacent to a "hot' appliance. We have an amana newer fridge with bottom freezer and make ice cubes with trays and keep them in a small plastic ice bin in the freezer for summer only[not particularly into ice]....our bills have been significantly lower....we also purchased a Miele dishwasher and use the econo cycle about 80% of time. I don't think energy star is meaningless but there are numerous other factors.

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I will be getting a FD fridge in the next week, to replace a 25-yr-old freezer on top model. DH is thrilled at the prospect of the large deli drawer - the one in our current fridge tends to be stuffed full of meat and cheese, so we definitely need more room. I'm anxious to see how it plays out in practice.

We didn't get CD - we're a family of 4, including 2 teenage boys, and we need more room. We also passed on ice/water in the door.

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