White macaubus island, what would you put on perimeter?

homebuyer23March 30, 2013

We've been leaning towards Jet Mist honed granite for our perimeter and long 120" island (White perimeter, dark stained island).

However, the stone yard got in a long slab of White Macaubus and I am in love with it.

I'm thinking of putting that on the island, but we cannot afford it on the perimeter as well, so I need help with what would work well with it.

Would you mix antique Steel Gray with it? It is the lowest priced option and really probably the only way we can afford the White Macaubus on the island.

For quite a bit more we could do soapstone and a bit more we could do Jet Mist. I love both of those, and think they'd go well with the WM island...yes/no?

But those really push us over our price limit though so I'm hoping to find a level 3 or lower to coordinate with the WM.

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I have a large island with soapstone original PA and white macabus on my perimeter. It is really unusual to find a single piece of stone that will fit a 120" space so I would jump on that. My soapstone island is 124" and has a seam.

I think the two work beautifully together but call me biased lol. Jet mist honed would look the next closest to soapstone so I think that is a good choice too.I am surprised the jet mist is more expensive than soapstone.

I am not familiar with steel grey to be able to comment. I do have another cabinet in my kitchen space that has Caesarstone Concrete and it would be fine too.

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My SIL has a large white macaubus island and some kind of honed black granite on the perimeter. It looks great. She has white perimeter cabs and med gray island.

I think any black/charcoal/gray granite would look great with it.

Personally, I'd choose granite over soapstone.

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Can't help you with the second stone, but was wondering what white you're using for the island topped with white macaubus? Love that stone and want white cabs, but none of few white door samples i've taken to the slab yard seem to coordinate. Either too white, or too creamy and the background of the stone looks unattractive, almost dingy. Maybe a white with a gray undertone would work, but they they look dingy next to the white trim I have everywhere.
Appreciate any suggestions from your experience. thanks.

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I think any dark gray or "soft" black would look good with the WM. I considered using Caesarstone Raven on the perimeter with a WM island, but then we found WM slabs that were just big enough to let us do the whole kitchen with 2 slabs instead of 3.

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I love the WM (almost chose that instead of White Princess for my island) - and I think a quartz perimeter would work well. The WM I've seen varies in color. Some have a slighter green feel while other a slight golden hue. If you are looking to save some money, I might suggest trying pre-fab quartz counters. I've seen some nice colors lately. And I'd go with a green/grey similar to Ceasarstone Cinder or Concrete. We splurged on the island but saved on the perimeters.

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Thanks for the opinions. Not sure what to do, I love the WM but the antiqued steel gray doesn't excite me much. I don't dislike it at all though, and I'm thinking though it will sort of fade into the background and let some of the other materials shine...

Island, I'm actually planning on a dark stained island with the WM, not white. The WM looks great with my darkest sample, Espresso, but Im not sure I want to go that dark, I had been leaning towards a more medium dark stain, called Coffee.

My perimeter will be white and I'm still not sure which white, but I was leaning towards White Dove. I do know what you mean about the whites coordinating with the WM. I'd think I'd just try to steer clear of a white that looks too yellow.
Sorry Im not much help! Im still narrowing down the many many options I like.

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Don't forget on the perimeter you will have the backsplash too so perhaps you would want a more subtle counter top with a backsplash that pops and is more interesting.

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Laurat88, thanks, yes that is one reason I'm attracted to the antiqued steel gray, its really plain and not shiny, but in a nice way, and I love tile and would like to be able to do something there a bit interesting, hopefully with some subtle color. I think the all white kitchens and black and white kitchens are beautiful, but theres something not quite "me" about them, I need a little warmth or color.

Any backsplash suggestions?!

Oh and this might be a stupid question, but is pre-fab quartz just regular quartz...any of the common brands...ceasarstone silestone cambria etc?? I thought quartz was usually more expensive than the lower level granites so I don't know if that'd save me anything, unless "pre-fab" is something else...? Thanks for the suggestions!

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Pre-fab quartz is indeed engineered quartz but it is not a branded quartz like Silestone or Ceasarstone. There are several places in our area that sell pre-cut countertops usually the standard 25" depth (24" cabinet depth + overhang) and maybe 10' long. You tell them what edge detail you would like and they do the edge and do the sink cutouts and install. Here is a local company that gives some detail about it. They list at $60sqft installed retail, but I think it's really more like $45 discounted.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pre-fab

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