brushed nickel - satin nickel....difference?

gma_jMarch 12, 2009

Now that I've decided to probably go with a Ticr sink, I need to explore finding the kitchen faucet. (I also will have stainless appliances).

Would someone explain the difference between brushed nickel and satin nickel on faucets?

Also, if any of you have pictures of your brushed or satin nickel kitchen faucets, I would love to see them.

Thanks, Jeanie

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I guess I should also ask how stainless steel faucets look compared to the nickel? I live in a rural area so it's a couple hours to th city to take a look at anything, so I love getting info here as you all seem to know answers to everything I ask. Thanks again.

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Take a look at Buehl's kitchen sink - Ticor sink with a brushed nickel Kohler faucet - beautiful match.

I have the same thing but I don't have pictures since both items are waiting to be installed.

I think a shiny stainless steel faucet is too polished to match the Ticor sinks exactly.

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Brushed finishes literally have fine brush marks (microscratches?) in the plated finish (or in the metal under the plating). Satin can be a finish achieved by media-blasting the metal to a matte finish with no discearnable scratches in any direction. But, sometimes a manufacturer will call brushed "satin". So it's best to see it in person and then decide.

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We have the double Ticor sink and a chrome faucet-looks great despite not being a match. There is some separation however as the sink is undermount and the faucet is placed in the concrete counter not through the hole in the sink. We also have a chrome hot water dispenser but pulls and trivets in concrete are all brushed stainless. The different finishes look fine.

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Colleen, I will go look at Buehl's faucet, thanks.
Casey, thank you for the good definition of the difference between satin and brushed.
Biner, thanks for the input that sometimes differences are fine - everything doesn't have to matc.

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