River Rok or Sunstone Pearl?

averybApril 1, 2007


We are getting ready to replaster our pool and plan to upgrade. Our Vendor offers River Rok or Sunstone Pearl. I know they are both under the same company-CLI. What exactly is the difference? We are awaiting estimates for each, what type of price difference can I expect. Any pics of pools with either finish would be greatly appreciated (along with mention of the color choice).


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We have Sunstone Pearl - Bay Pearl is the name of the color. We love it. It is med blue plaster with beige and brown pebbles in it.

Here is a link that might be useful: Photobucket Album

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Thanks for the pics, great pool and great color! What does the finish feel like on your feet and why did you choose it over River Roc? Was there a big price difference between the two?

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We were actually choosing between Pebble Tec and Florida Gem which is plaster with the crystals in it. We got the Sunstone for the same price as the Gem was going to be because we originally paid estra for a deep blue color. Found out they would charge us 10K for Ptec!!
It feels bumpy but not sharp on your feet. We love it!

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Bump....we also need to decide between River Rok and Sunstone Pearl. We are looking for a richer, darker (but not too dark) blue color.

With regard to River Rok, we found that the River Rok Lucayan Blue was a little too light blue for us and we are afraid that River Rok Opal Blue (which is a mixture of 8 to 2 Lucayan Blue to Emerald Black) is a little too black/dark. Anyone build any pools out there with a 9/1 mixture of Lucayan Blue and Emerald Black? Any other suggestions to achieve a rich, dark blue? We just do not want to put in River Rok and have the color come out like we just did plaster (ie, light blue).

Any suggestions with regard to Sunstone Pearl? Any help would be appreciated as we have just a few days to make a decision and we have not been able to find many pools around here that was built using River Rok or Sunstone Pearl. Also any pictures would help!

Thanks all!

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Time to replaster pool. Looking for someone with pictures that has redone their pool or installed new pool whith river rok finish color, Blue Opal. I like Lucayan Blue, but computer generated pics have left me a little confused as which to go with. My optimum pool color could be described as a polarized view of a clear blue sky. Thanks for any help.

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