will this sink and faucet fit in a standard depth cabinet?

ashleymkingDecember 19, 2010

I recently ordered both of these items, and now I'm second guessing my decision. Will these items both fit comfortably? We also plan to install a basic ceramic subway tile backsplash with approx. 1/4 in depth + grout.



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standard sinks / faucets fit into standard cabinets.
normal sinks / faucets fit into normal cabinets.

the sink you linked to is 18" in the dimension you call depth.

cabinets + a door = about 25".
countertops overhang in front a bit too
if your counter is going to be 25.5" (which is not a big countertop overhang),
then, using arithmetic, that leaves 7.5" for the pieces of counter in front of the sink and behind the sink near the wall or window.

again using the power of arithmetic, that 7.5" gets divided into about 3" in front and about 3.5" in back. This piece of counter about 3.5" is what you have for your faucet.

if your countertop overhangs a bit more than the minimal amount I wrote about above, you could have 3" in front and a bit more space in the back piece of countertop.

i'm using a 3" strip of counter in front for this arithmetic, but you could make is slimmer.


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