Precast Coping Installation Question

momoxanApril 5, 2011

Hi there- we are remodeling/resizing our pool - from 20x42 feet to 20x30 feet with a 9x9 spa. We chose precast concrete coping (a simple bullnose) with poured concrete decking.

Now that the coping has been installed, I'm not 100% happy with how the cuts were done. My contractor insists it's better to have the cut pieces in the center of the run. There are two cut pieces in the center of each side - the full pieces are 24", and the cut pieces are approx.15". I would have thought they should go at the ends, but I seem to be the only one who notices the cut pieces anyway. I would appreciate some feedback. THANKS!

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Please post a picture or two.

Photobucket album. copy the 3rd of 4 code options, one per line. White space between the pix is useful for notes.


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Thanks -finally got these uploaded. Again the question is if these cuts are better in the center or the run, or if they should be at the ends.

Here's the entrance to pool - baja step:

Here's two sides:

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Seems wrong looking to me too. I thought the shorts were on a curve, not on a straight. I could see having a short on a corner or just before, but not in the middle. That loses a sense of consistency.

I could see it if there was a planned pattern that was described and approved ahead of time. Alas, if you gave the pb the leeway to make that decision, changing that would be on your nickel. It's not like it's poorly done, just different from what I presume your assumption was.


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Every stone mason uses a little different technique to start.
I don't often see overlapping corners. Usually, each corner is cut at a 45% angle. Then the decision becomes where to place the short stone. Some will work to the center and some will run stone continuosly around the pool letting the cuts fall at their natural location.
These items probably should have been discussed, but in its entirety, it really is a minor point when the project is complete.

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