Heat in NJ?

jscozzApril 25, 2012

I have seen a number of threads from others about heat or no heat... looking for advice from anyone in my climate who made the choice... I am in NJ. I don't want gas, so it would be electric heat pump, since I will eventually have solar panels to offset electric bill.

So, realistically, how much will a heater extend my season in NJ? And will it be of any use mid season? I assume a heat pump with cooling mode will not be needed in NJ?

Looking for real world feedback about whether the extra 6K expense is worth it...

I assume it could always be added later pretty easily, as long as I size the AC to the pad appropriately now.

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Heat pumps in our area generally aren't real great at extending the season. They are better suited at warming pools that don't get quite the sun needed to warm them naturally and to keep them warm.

When you add in the cost of running a gas line, you aren't talking about that big a difference in cost between a gas fired heater which can extend the season and a heat pump. Gas is pretty cheap here but so is electricity.


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Since I will have all Pentair equip, does it make sense to go with Pentair Heat pump too? Their top model is only 125K and is a little lower COP than other brands like AquaCal... but I don't want service to become an issue down the road. I don't think there are any interface issues with intelliTouch and any brand heat pump...? Should be able to set temp and see temp with any brand via Intellitouch controls/iPhone, right?

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In Central Jersey, the pool water was 83 two days ago, and the true season hasn't even started. It's regularly warm through midnight. There were two days back-to-back last year that the water was so warm, we got right back out. I wouldn't even think of putting a heater in.

Disclaimer: white fiberglass pool, no shade, direct sun from 10 AM on.

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When i left the house this morning my pool temp was 82. This is in Phoenix in full sun. NJ is warmer, crazy

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No heater here. I'm in Morris county. I get full sun, and have a solar cover on the pool whenever I'm not in it. Last week, the water hit 86 degrees. Granted, it's only a 16x32 vinyl pool with a maximum depth of 5.6 feet, but I think that's pretty awesome This early in the season (Memorial Day weekend). Even tonight after the cooler week we've had, i just checked it and it's about 81 degrees. Definitely swimmable.

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The family will go in at pretty much any reasonable temp. I'm an 80 and above person myself. Once the Jandy P4 water temp says "80", my bathing suit is on!

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