Need new pump/filter for 22,000 gallon gunite pool

geosulcataApril 18, 2013

Our pool was built in 1971. We need a new pump/filter. The old pump got a hole in the casing. The motor still works, but we are looking for something that will save us on operating costs. We currently have a 1.5hp. Our energy costs are around 12 cents/kwh. We also have the original fiberglass, tall filter with pleated cartridge. We aren't sure what size filter to purchase. Everything has 1.5" connections now.

We have been quoted $1400 for a hayward variable flow pump, $500 for a pleated or hayward sand filter, and a salt water system was suggested for around $600 or a clorine tablet attachment for $100. Labor is $80 an hour. This all comes to more than the cost to build the pool in 1971 :) Times have changed!

I am clueless about the best system that will have the lowest operating costs. Any advice?

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I would try and go with Pentair equipment the link below will help you with costs if you know your KWper/hr off of you electric bill cost.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pool pump calculator

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I am a totally Hayward person. replacement parts and repair are cheaper and easier!
The prices you posted are about right. where are you and I can give you more info!

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I just went through the same thing. Gunite and plaster pool, about 24000 gallons.

Upgraded my old single speed 1-1/2hp Pentair Whisperflo pump with a Pentair VS pump.

Replaced my Pentair Clean and Clear 240 cartridge filter with a Pentair Quad DE 100. The filter could easily be considered oversize for my pool, but the Quad DE will filter better than the old C&C, and the larger size will give me longer runs between cleanings. I like the "hybrid" aspect of the Quad DE. The ease of cartridges, the filtering of DE. I'm going to direct-plumb the filter, meaning no multi-port valve.

I don't know much about Hayward, but I highly recommend the move to the variable speed pump. If they offer a 2-speed pump that might save you money on pump coast and running costs.

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If you have never had a Mutiport-valve you missing out on alot of convenience in operation.

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