Epoxy over old pea gravel?

linday12April 22, 2013

Has anyone ever put the epoxy used in garage floors over old, worn pea gravel? I really dislike the pea gravel, but it would cost thousands to redo it. It surrounds our pool and there is quite a bit of it. Thanks!

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That epoxy is a coating, a form of paint. I do no believe ot would work on loose gravel of any type.

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oh lord no. There are products specifically for that application. If you don't mind a bit of an amber hue, Klingstone Path is great. If you want a clear coating (and are willing to shell out for it), there's a product called Gravel-Lok. Google them or talk to your local stone yard.

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the pea gravel is set into concrete. It is not loose. I'll check out the recommendations. Thanks!

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Hello,It seems as though you maybe speaking of what is known as Exposed Agg. If in deed it is, Lowes/Home Depot has a roll on product under the name of Eagle. It is made just for the application you speak of. I have used it for many years on our exposed agg. front porch and sidewalk without any problems.Here in So. Indiana the product cost is appox. $30.00 a gal. Hope this helps.

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