What is the best flushing toilet?

hapyfrustratedDecember 1, 2007

Help me choose toilets, I want good flushing and cleaning features. Would you order it online? Who has dependable quick shipping?

Thanks for your advice!!!!

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TOTO is the best toilet on the planet. They also are not cheap - especially the higher end ones that have the easy to clean features. They also make some very unique accessories that I cannot descibe without being gross. These toilets are made in Japan - and apparently are a status symbol. Toto has taken the toilet to places that I never new were possible for such a fixture - they are supposedly very difficult to clog and very easy to clean.

We bought the Toto drake toilets which run in the 350 dollar range. We used on-line resources to get prices and then found we could buy it for a little more locally. We opted for a local seller in case we had issues.

Do a serach on the GW for TOTO and you should find plenty of on-line sources to buy them.

If you do buy toto's - make sure your plumber plumbs for them correctly. Hand them the spec sheet for the specific model you buy.

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IT may be the consensus opinion on garden web that TOTO is the best but according to the results of independent testing TOTO is NOT the best, in fact, in the maximum performance tests TOTO rated mid line and even the best TOTO came in behind the majority of American Standards and Gerber's.

Both the independent test and consumer affairs magazine rated the American Standard Cadet III as the best performer.

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I have a customer that keeps telling his clients how great his Toto's are. He always demonstrates this to guests by showing them the anti-slam seat when it's put down.

Our Kohler's work just fine (don't recall the model).

BTW, do Toto's ever develop fill valve problems like standard toilets? Just wondering, and what has to be done to repair them, since I haven't taken a closer look yet.

You mention good "cleaning features". Not to be impolite, but are you talking about streaks in the bowl? An interesting question. (Does consumer reports test for that?)

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Here is the link for the latest report. Go to the very end of it and then reverse to start with the best. It is important to check that you are buying the exact names and part numbers as shown when shopping.

The Toto drake and those rated better should be great choices, those with slightly lesser ratings would have been considered excellent performers a few years ago.

Here is a link that might be useful: Performance testing results

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I installed a Toto dual flush Aquia and I love this toilet! Even the 0.9 flush works great. I'm replacing all my other toilets with Toto.

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Why do you love it?? Is it the bathroom equivalent of an Ipod or something?

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I move from hotel to hotel and have seen my share of toilets. Toto is certainly a good one but so are the American Standard Cadet 3 and the Kohler Cimmaron. I bought the AS3 for my house for the cost and availability of exactly the right toilet with the self cleaning glaze. Once you get into this quality of toilet, the differences are slight. Kohler is the quietest, but I am more confident that the other two will flush in one flush. Kohler and AS are available anywhere. Toto is only available in $pecialty plumbing stores.

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BTW, do Toto's ever develop fill valve problems like standard toilets?

Great question BUT: perhaps you would like to comment on why there are three posts about toilet problems as we speak,,and all three involve TOTO's.

If I have learned nothing else in my 30 years in the Plumbing trade I have learned that there is no such thing as a toilet that doesn't occassionally have problems. On the other hand, in most instances the problems are not with the quality of the toilet but rather it is a problem with a failure on the part of the installers to make the necessary final adjustments.

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I would agree with dchall and say there is not alot of performance difference at this level. Any of the three toilets he mentioned would be comparable to each other and a major upgrade to the standard builder's toilet.

I went Toto Drakes a couple of years ago, primarily because I liked the look better than an AS3. They just do their job and haven't had any toilet problems since. I've bought two online and had good success (homeclick).

I haven't had any issues with the fill valve. I would imagine the failure rate would depend alot on water chemistry. I'm sure if you had trouble locating a Toto part, I don't see why a universal fill valve wouldn't work.

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FYI, the link to the test results page is below. If you check this link, they update the testing periodically. laat2's post gets you to the full 10th ed. of the report *(Aug '07). At the CUWCC site, you can just look at the tables by mfr and by performance (much smaller files).

We have 2 Totos, with the older one (Ultimate) purchased 4 years ago or so. We added a Drake a couple years ago when we remodeled. Both have clogged occasionally- I find that if you think there's the slightest chance it will clog, you should press and hold the lever until the trap glugs to make sure you dump the whole tankfull at once.

When we bought the first one, Toto was at the top of the heap. Everyone else has caught up a lot since. You still might have to pay me to take an American Standard, though- the ones in the house we lived in while remodeling were clogamatic.

Here is a link that might be useful: CUWCC water closet testing

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We read the reviews and purchased two TOTO Drakes a while ago. The flushing works fine but the "bowl cleaning" on the elongated model is terrible.

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I was just ready to buy a Toto Drake II, as everything I've read sounds great. I would like to know how you feel about your 2 Drakes, now that you've had them a while. (Were they the Drake, or the Drake II?)

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I bought a Toto Drake. After installation, I found out I could save almost half by buying online. With the slow-close seat, it was about $525. The thing will flush well as advertised. Unfortunately, I find it requires cleaning after almost every occasion of introducing...well, poop! Anything which touches the insides without the benefit of water will probably stay there. The sides don't receive a torrent of swirling water. I wasn't even sure water was flowing down the sides. The dealer hooked me up with an incompetent plumber and handyman, too, then washed his hands of the matter. I called the Toto people, too, who weren't helpful. I was instructed to put my hand inside the toilet to feel the running water. I would not advise anyone to get a Toto. I would advise you to see a toilet in action before buying one.

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We have a Kohler, but the rubber busing ( gasget) on the interworks keeps slipping off the bottom pipe. I have to keep rolling up my sleeve to replace the rubber bushing on the bottom of the pipe. Also the plastic stick that allows water to return to the tank keeps getting stuck! I'm 57and have never had these problems b4.! What the F---!

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What about pressure assist toilets? I am sooo tired of toilets clogging up. I know they are noisy but has anyone out there tried one. I'm at the point that a little noise would be worth not having toilet water on my wood floor. (The floor was in when we bought the house. Not a good idea.)

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