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heathergatewoodApril 23, 2013

Hi all,

I'm having a hard time choosing the color scheme for paver stones. We have had a couple of contractors come out to take a look for a design and estimate, but neither of them really seemed to care about what colors of stone I choose. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

I've attached a photo of the back of the house. It's a Victorian style home...yellow siding, red brick on bottom half, and charcoal/faded black roof.

Thanks so much

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An actual landscape designer would care about what color you choose. Most contractors, not so much.

You really don't want to go with a paver that looks like brick, nor do you want to do one in the red/brown family. Concrete pavers will never be a perfect match for clay brick, meaning that you will forever look like you tried to match - and failed.

I would go with something in the gray family (think about how good flagstone looks against brick) and go with something at least 6x6 and 6x9. Bigger is better.

Or, if you REALLY want to match, go with a clay paver brick. They actually have psi/compressive strength ratings comparable to concrete pavers and yours is a very common color range to match.

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I so agree not to add any red brick as a patio .

You need to think about texture, color and design .

You have vertical lines on the second story but visitors won't see this pattern.
You also have a pattern in the red brick and must take into account the patterns in your windows.
A natural look like bluestone in a straight line set two inches apart with moss in between the tiles would not compete with your home.
I would look at bluestone or flagstone and think about adding a pergola .
You need to be careful not to compete with the patterns in the brick. Although laid as a subway pattern the grout line looks zig zag.

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Don't forget to change the light to a cool lantern with a grid.
They make onion lamps that have a grid pattern around it that would play off your windows or a cool nautical light with the grid/box pattern and the arm to have the victorian swirl would be cool
Adding plants would tie it all together

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Thank you both for the feedback...great info to consider! I never thought about using flagstone to create a patio and the bluestone with moss in between sounds really nice. Are both of these options more expensive than your average paver stones?

So keeping the color in the gray family would compliment the colors of the home...sounds like a great choice. I didn't think the red would look very nice, so I'm glad you both confirmed that for me. I'll look up all these options on google and hopefully come across some inspirational photos to show the contractors.

Oh and I'll definitely change out the backdoor light and add potted plants. We have a table and grill to put on the patio as well. The estimated sq ft of the patio is about 230.

Thanks again!

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I have just a few minutes to type .
I called UNited BUilding supply who are baed in New England and are as far south as Maryland.
Blue stone would cost 1224 for a 200 sq ft area.
Flagstone would cost 613 for a 200 sq ft area
Pavers would cost 563 for a 200 sq ft area.

When ordering the above you must buy by weight OR pallet size depending on the material.

My idea was to add !8 x18 bluestone in a straight pattern and have moss or vinca around the borders. There is maintenance and the vinca may not grow.

YOU have a running board pattern on the brick . I have no idea if using another running board pattern is wise or even a variant pattern of this would work. Herringbone and basket weave used with pavers I think would also compete with the home.

I think you need to think of the patio not as your focus but the entire back yard.
Where to lay the patio?
How far to extend it under the bay room to the left?
Will you have a walk way out of the yard?

I would place low shrubbery under the rom to the left with small varigated boxwoods that are green and yellow leaved. Hamelin grasses or bunny hamelins under these windows would also be nice along with hostas.

You can hire a landscape architect for a few hundred dollars to help with color and design.
YOu have other natural stone to work with but such as granite but here in New England my yard is loaded with it so it is free. Good luck

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At the risk of seeming blunt, a paver you're getting at retail cost for $2.83 is probably garbage. There IS a difference. A poor quality paver will, after several years, start to chip, spall, fade, and may even show the aggregate. It's just not worth the cost savings. I'd run from something in that price range.

Wide joints with plantings between look good in magazines but they're a challenge in real life. To build a patio that will stand the test of time and not heave or settle, you need to build it on either a concrete slab or a compacted base of gravel that includes fines (small particles from 3/4" down to dust). In the gravel scenario the flagstone is set on a bedding layer of 1" of sand or stone dust. If you put in topsoil above the bedding layer, that gives you max 1-2". That's a pretty tough environment to grow anything. Plus, have you ever scooted your chair back from a table on a patio with wide joints? Your chair leg is plunging right into the joint.

If you're doing flagstone, better to do a patio with nice, tight (1/2") joints finished off with mortar (if on a concrete slab) or polymeric dust (if on gravel).

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chickadee4, I appreciate you checking out those prices. It gives me a better idea of what we can do within our budget. I really like the look of the bluestone, but it's price is more than we're wiling to spend. I have an idea of how I want the design to look, but it's still challenging without a designer to help. The contractors have basically sent me pictures of other patios they've done for me to figure out how I want mine. Fair enough I guess. Maybe I'll bite the bullet and get a landscape designer out here.

marcinde, I agree about the cons of having wide joints with plantings.(even though I love that look). It's not functinal for our family with little ones and of course it will be used quite often, as it will be our only entertaining area in the backyard. Anyways, I did look up flagstone patios and really like the look of it and found that there are also flagstone pavers available for less cost.

There is a stone and masonry 10 min from our house...we'll have to go check it out and look at our options.

Thanks guys:)

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Here is a link to a design that represents a similar look that I want. Our patio will extend about 17-18 ft across, stopping before the bay window.

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I have to apply joint compound and looking for excuses not to start the project.

I am a home owner who has lived in five states and had to install pavers/stone 4 times.
Your patio is to BBQ, relax, cover areas that will not need attention?
Having moved so frequently I have seen much real estate and had to redo a few gardens.
Each Nursery offered landscape design free. We discussed plants and patio ideas: location size , design and material .
The stone store also offered suggestions .
I made sure I bought from both since they should be awarded/paid for their ideas.
We did use a landscape architect in Atlanta which cost us 200 dollars. She addressed the street view and the view looking out from the home.
BEst two hundred dollars I ever spent. She did the stone installation along with all the plants.
Having lived in the desert, south and snow, changed the material I laid as a patio. Ask how thy are going to install the patio. The prep work is the most important part of any patio installation. Will you need a drain installed? Does water pool in this area now? Will they angle the paver so water flows away from the home.
Have fun in the project but know your choices, cost and design . Don't wing it.Don't assume.
Material cost vary form state to state due to availability and shipping charges.
The ground prep work to laying the patio is the most important part. Make sure it is done correctly as the above post states. Just cause it is low priced does not mean it is poorly made. Know the products!!!!!!
A lumber yard charges me 86 dollars for a piece of Koma. Anther local outfit charges 118. Same size.
Shop,explore,ask questions and enjoy.

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Thanks for your input. We do have several concerns with the area that we want our patio, so prep work would be detrimental for it to hold. I have made a call to a landscape designer to come take a look. I agree, it will probably be worth the 200 or so to get a design. Just not sure about paying the designer price for install. We shall see:)

We bought the house about a year ago and pulled out all the tall shrubs covering up the back windows and removed the plant borders. It was pretty the way they had it, but didn't let much light in the windows. It's a hot mess right now, but that will soon be fixed!

Picture I attached shows how it looked when we purchased the house.

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Did you confirm your expectation of $200 with the designer you spoke to? Because wow, that's cheap. Depending on final scope of work, I'd be $500-900 for your project.

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I should be applying joint compound but I have never done this so I am hesitant .

The grill is gas or charcoal?
HUbby says he will never drip grease and he does. When we redid the patio in NJ I boxed in the gas grill with 1 and a quarter inch stone .PEa gravel gets kicked whereas the bigger stone laid placed. Husband hated the idea in laying the large stone where the gas grill was . There was no disruption to the pavers when I needed to replace the unit and no stones were ever kicked from around the grill. I added the stones cause I did not have the money to replace the grill .
Do telephone "call before you dig" before even sketching a design.

I did see the link .
I think you have a very beautiful home with a nice sized yard. The patio will be a welcomed retreat.

Think about your view from the deck.
Most flowering plants need sun but hostas tolerate shade and give off a nice bloom . The hedges along the split rail have a border plant?
Think about the entire yard not just the patio space.
Think not as one looking in at the home but what you will view sitting.
You do not need to spend a fortune. You can also do this in stages.
Grass and plants absorb water................ will the pavers cause an irrigation issue. Will you lay the pavers up to the home? Will you have a garden and then the pavers.
I bought a home where the previous owner used the garage wall to hold the topsoil. I removed the topsoil and installed colored stones and urns along this 18 foot section. I have a floral garden and herbs in some of the urns. I do not need to weed or mow this area.
Just think about function and see what ideas you find on the internet. Houzz has great photos too. Have fun.
Joint compound is calling me.

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Patio stone and pavers are great way to make the natural landscaping stand out. The commonly used red bricks or red paver patio almost always looks great up against the grass and garden borders.

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Pavers make a great way to devise the patio for house. They do make a whole world of difference to ones outdoors. Not only that but they are good on safety considerations too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Belman

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