ground level deck attachment to pavilion posts

marcelo_pApril 20, 2014

hi guys i'm going to be building a freestanding 16x24 deck with a pavilion over it. I was planning on using 6-6x6 posts to hold the pavilion up on 12"piers with 24" bigfoot footings. Was going to put smaller footings in-between the posts to keep the double 2x6's from sagging. I'm trying to think of a way to attatch the deck to the posts to reduce the number of footings for the deck. I'm kinda stumped, thinking of notching the bottom of the posts a little so the rim joist has some meat to sit on as well as through-bolt it.
I want to lay doubled up rim joist directly on the footings around the perimeter to avoid having steps and keep it as low as possible. anyone have any ideas for me or am I just hopeless? lol

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Pretty simple, form & pour the six footings for the pavillion, attach post to footing w/simpson base base, run rim joist from post to post setting directly on the footing. You could just screw or nail rim joist to the post, but if you want simpson has connectors for that too.

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The post base raises the post like an inch off the footing I think. I was wondering if I should put something in-between the footing and joist to accomplish the same thing. thanks for replying btw!

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