Ipe railing on a trex artisan or timberteck railing system

scotkightApril 21, 2009

Can it be done? We cannot do an all ipe railing (code) so we were thinking about ipe floor with a white railing system using ipe as the toprail. One of the contractors states that this is no problem.

What do you all think?

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JohnAny thing is possible but the conection to manmade with ipe is going to be a little bit of a thing. J.

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It is a county thing. They require official tests to be done on all woods and the details supplied. Currently ipe by one manufacturer is tested, but only for certain uses (floors and horizontal surfaces). Structure and vertical surfaces must use certified materials which includes PT, some cedar manufacturers and most of the composites.

If you drive around here you will see 99.9999% of all decks, even on the higher end houses, are almost entirely out of PT or composite materials.

Total pain in the butt. They specifically pick on "exotic" woods.

This is for a deck on a townhouse. No stairs, about 210sqft.

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I didnt use IPE as a top rail....but....
I used the TimberTech Radiance Rail. So far so good. Nice and heavy/sturdy. Not too hard to install. Cleans up easy.

Pics here:

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That is just plain silly even thinking ipe is less structural than composite in a reverse world mabey. You could get all the needed info on Ipe from East Teak 800 338 5636 showing it has been structural for over 150 years.

Not real sure what "pick on them " would mean but it sounds like the green mafia. J.

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I am currently in process of doing something similar to what your asking.

TimberTech Radiance Rail with IPE as a top rail. I'm trying to determine what would be the best way to connect the IPE to the rest of the railing, the only contact the top rail makes is the posts. I'm thinking of just screwing down the top rail into the 4x4 PT posts and plugging.

What were you thinking of doing?

P.S. I'm using a 5 3/8 IPE railcap and found that when you set the railcap over the radiance rail post slips, it doesn't completely cover them - you have approx 1/16-1/8 of the post slip edge showing (on either side). The overall width of rail cap is actually wider then the post slip, but the profile of the rail cap cuts in making the bottom side a little just a little too narrow to completely cover the rail.

I can take a picture and show you if you don't already have the prdocut to test with.

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