It must be 'The hat trick'

huskyrideerApril 10, 2011

Well I'm back again under another version of my screen name Huskyrider, LOL!!!

I hope the third time's a charm.

A few evening ago I went to reply to a customer's thread and got the same generic gardenweb screen that I got back in 06 when I got booted off of the board then for spamming.

The forum allwed me to register from home but when I went to make the reply it kicked me off to the same screen.

I'm at the shop loading a machine to take to tomorrow's dig and thought I'd try posting from the shop.

I'd guess it see's my IP address and a close version of the name and is not allowing me to post from home.

This will doom my participation because all of my replies are from home late in the evening after work.

If any of you members know of anyone at THS Gardenweb admin I can appeal to please post it. Back when I got kicked off before they were totally uncaring.

I'll be quite honest with you guys, I don't just come here because it sold more pools to the membership than Ben's pool forum did. It, like his, is really a lot of fun for me.

The 10-15 pools a year I sell from here are a heartfelt bonus that I, truly, feel came from my participation of providing quality insight and not from spamming the membership.

Trust me on this, I build more pools around here than my competitors because of our good name with referrals everywhere in our area and not from spamming gardenweb members.


If you look at the many thousands of replies I've made under all my screen names over the years I really feel you'll see that I'm not BS'ing you or your members.

I really would love to get back to my favorite screen name "huskyrider" again and be allowed to post from my home again.

And if not, it has been a lot of fun but there's no way I can take time from my day game to play on the computer at the shop with my night game, and I'll probably just go to my motorcycle racing and my cigarette boat forums where I'm welcomed. I don't participate on boards that I don't feel welcome at.

See ya,


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Hey Hey Hey!

They claimed to me that you weren't booted. Did you happen to try clearing your browser's private data yet? It may have gotten corrupted.

I tried to email you a couple times to huskyridor@gmail and huskirideer. The latter failed.


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I often can't get logged in her as well/.

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This board is very antiquated. The only browser I can keep logged in here on a regular basis is Internet Explorer.

So Kelly you are not the only one with login issues.
I can get Firefox to login here maybe 1 out of 20 times.

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If problems persist, refer to ticket the ticket I started regarding your initial issue when we though you got banned.

GardenWeb mail response mc2358010714329ec rosa


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Well I'm here at the shop briefly to unload an 18 wheeler of rebar and figured while my son is offlooading the truck I'd check the thread before we load our steel truck for tomorrow's rebar job.
I did have a problem with the board not logging in "huskyridor" but it registered and logged in "huskyrideer" However, after I made the reply it wouldn't accept the reply. That's why I sent Scott the message to post for me to the OP.
This is exactly the same way it went down about 5 years ago.
I'm not very good with computers so if Momma's awake when I get home after work I'll have her look at the things y'all described.
It's GOOD TO KNOW that they didn't do it like they did last time. They said that because members could see my e-mail address under my Bio it was spamming. That's why I've always told our new industry professionals to make sure and not Spam or post links or e-mails in their replies.
Thanks to all of you for your replies and Scott thank you for forwarding the message the other evening.
Now if I can just get one of my crews over to her house in the next few days I'll be back in the game over there and hopefully won't have to make them wait much longer for their concrete pool decks.

See ya,

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