Jandy Watercolors light Shows?

denawApril 22, 2013

Does anyone use the Jandy watercolors where there is suppose to be the light shows, aka;, America the Beautiful and Fat Tuesday. Does anyone have any pictures to show of these? Cannot find it anywhere on the internet and on the box it looks so cool!


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I found bunch of clips on you tube for Jandy LED lights. We're getting the same one! Here is the link.

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truxtc 102: We did find that one and a couple others that show how the light changes. When the box comes to your home, look on the side and it shows where there is actually "light shows" that you can also do, such as America the Beautiful and its a red, white and blue flag! Beautiful, yet I cannot find anyone that has videoed this or even a picture of it...Plus they have one that is "Fat Tuesday" and "Disco"...They look so cool and I would love to see any of these...

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What? It actually can do that?..lolz...I was just thinking that it only does different pattern of colors! Now I really have to go do some research about it!..:)

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truxtx102; LOLOL!!! I know..I was so excited then couldnt
find anything online except what the box says!
Here's a copy of the back of the box:

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So noone has responded to this post...It makes me wonder if these light shows are really possible..hmmmm


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Lori B

A PB quoted us a Jandy LED light and mentioned a Patriotic and Mardi Gras show. We didn't get any other info than that!

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