Question for PB's or other owners RE: Pool start up

stewart7795April 26, 2011

Is it commonplace for the startup of the pool to include turning everything on and adding chemicals, but telling the customer to brush and vaccuum the pool from the start? My pool company is supposed to "service the pool" for the first 30 days so why am I cleaning it as soon as it is filled? I expected them to deliver a clean, dust free pool without my participation in getting it cleaned from the start. I think this is terrible customer service, but perhaps that is how it works? I've had horrible customer service from the pool company since I signed so I figured this was just another example. Am I overreacting?

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Almost everyone I know here in NJ had to brush the plaster on their new pools when they were first filled and plastered. (if this is what you are talking about). Every year when the PB opens my pool, I do the vaccuming of the sediment for the first few days after opening, before I throw in the Polaris. I would assume it you wanted them to do any of the above, they would do so, but likely you would be charged.

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I don't mind brushing the plaster, but to basically hand me the vacuum and brush as soon as there is water seemed odd. I would think they would turn it over to me already clean- there was a ton of dust everywhere. I likened it to my cabana builders handing me a broom and dust pan and telling me to sweep up the sawdust and it will be done. I totally understand having to do it myself once they've finished- but I would assume it would be given to me clean.

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Not really the same. You plaster is going through a curing process under water with first week to month being the most critical and continuing for months to a year. The brushing is not to clean up the mess left behind by the crew (that pool should have been clean when the plaster went in). It is to help remove deposits that come to the surface in the curing process and help it cure properly. You have to do it daily at first and then weekly. I just had my pool replastered and have been testing, adjusting and brushing daily.

What is included with the first 30 days service should have been specified, but I don't know of anyone who hasn't done the daily brushing themselves. If you really don't want to do it, I'm sure you could specify that, pay the additional and arrange to have someone do it for you.

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OK. That's 2 people that tell me that is normal- I accept that I'm wrong here.

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You're not wrong for wanting it to be done, and the good news is that the building is. The first 30 days is the most sensitive for the pool chemistry with curing plaster, so I think the biggest value on that 30 days service is that they can't blame you for the water quality if the plaster has a problem. How often are they checking the water?

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Supposedly every few days.

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