Is there a deck cleaner that will not make wood fuzzies?

canajoApril 20, 2013

I used American Deck Products deck cleaner last year, at half strength, on new treated pine decking as well as 15 year old pine decking. I did not use a power washer after applying the wash. Both the new wood and the old decking got the fuzzies, or whiskers, on it requiring me to sand it before applying the stain.

The deck was stained last summer and I want to wash it now.Can anyone recommend a deck wash that can be applied and rinsed off with a hose that won't cause the wood to break down and cause the fuzzies? I tried using oxyclean (not a strong solution) after the bad experience with the American Deck Products wash and it caused wood whiskers also. Also, what do you recommend as far as brushing the deck after the wash has been applied? I noticed that the fuzzies would pop up even before I brushed and I did brighten the deck afterwards but it did not take out a lot of the wood whiskers.



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Sanding the ONLY way to correct a "furry" surface.

It SHOULD be obvious. How would a cleaner make a WOOD surface smooth?!?!?!?!


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I am the OP and I guess I was not clear in my posting. The deck is smooth and sanded and has stain on it-there are no fuzzies on it right now. I want to prevent what happened before-I cleaned the deck for prepping and it created loose wood fibers. Right now, it is smooth and perfect-I just don't want to mess it up by applying a wash to clean it and have to start all over again with the deck. I know that the wash I used before will do it to both the new and old wood that has been treated...I am looking for one that will not fuzz up the wood.

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