Lazy river and solar pumps

philgibApril 17, 2007

I am about to build a backyard lazy river plus a 10 feet tall waterfall, lazy river being about 150 feet long in total. Depth is about 5 feet, width about 6 feet.

Has anyone ever built one ? I figured out I need about 3 pumps to have the water to slowly flow along the river, but I 'd rather have them to be solar with 90 pct of the days being good enough for effective solar panels.

Is this feasable ? Price is definitely an issue.

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I'm not sure, but that sounds awesome. If I ever win lotto, I'll build one and let you know. The one at the JW Marriott in Orlando is really nice.

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You know what, fruend? I have an old article I've saved tha highlights some of the key points of building lazy rivers.
Your idea with the solar is completely feasible.
I'll post back with some info later.

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I'm thinking about building a lazy river too.
Maybe you can help me here. Thanks.

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Wow that sounds like a great project. We had a 150 ft long lazy river of our own when the landscaper drove a stake right through a sprinkler line on our lot. Seriously good luck and look forward to seeing it in progress. :)

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This is my husband's version of a lazy river. I came out one day and there he was...just spinning around in circles.

I hope that you show us all the steps of your lazy river build. I can't wait to see it! 150 feet long sure beats going in circles!

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LMAO Kristen.

A Lazy River sounds like a lot of fun. Would love to see your progress once you being!

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Hi philgib and t-square,
Would you share your info with us?

Many thanks

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