Water Softener not softening

calhoontunaDecember 20, 2011

Is the following indicative of anything?

Water softener was not using salt, and the water seemed hard, and sure enough, a test revealed the water was hard.

Removed the three screws from the head of the unit and cleaned the screen and venturi. In the past this has. fixed any of my water softener woes (as a matter of fact, this practice was recommended to me on this very forum years back).

However, still hard water. I am getting that the water softener is not interacting with the brine tank. I manually activated and sat down there through all of its cycles. Took the tubing off peridocially. Little to no suction. Certainly not enough to draw water out or into the brine tank.

So, would this be a telltale sign of anything in particular?

If the resin is spent would the water softener do this, not interact with the brine tank, or would it appear to be something elese?

The unit is 1989 Cullisgan N8

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If there is water in the brine tank to make brine and the control valve is not sucking it out during the appropriate regeneration stage...

clogged or blocked brine pickup or brine line in the brine tank or a loose connector.

venturi problem in the control valve

drain line on control valve restricted or blocked

That's a VERY old Culligan and you've got your money out of it a few times over. You have to deal with Culligan for parts and service which can be expensive. If it isn't a simple problem to correct consider a new industry standard softener where parts and tech info are readily available and it would be more water and salt efficient.

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Thanks. When I get home from work tonight I'll get a parts breakdown and check from retstriction on any of the parts you mentioned.

Otherwise, you say new industry standard softener. Anything outstanding, or a good value that yuou'd suggest?

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Depends on what size softener you require.

Need to know:

1. well or water system

2. water conditions... hardness, iron, manganese, PH, TDS and other things

3. # of people in the house

4. # of bathrooms in the house

5. SFR of the plumbing

Are you a DIYer or would you pay a plumber to install?

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I am on well water.

The well water has a 26 grain hardness. I guess the water softener must be doing something for it does drop the harndess to 16 grains.

Trace amount of iron in the water.

There are four people in the house, two of whom are girls (6 and 8). There are three bathrooms in the house, two of which contain showers.

I fix my own automobiles and installed an electronic garage door opener last year, but know next ot nothing in regards to plumbing, but being cheap would like to try tackling it on my own.

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You got your money's worth out of that Culligan many times over.

More cost effective to replace it with a correctly sized industry standard softener that tech info and parts are EZ to get.

In order to help you correctly size a softener "A trace of iron" needs to be better defined... like an actual measurement in ppm.

If you haven't had a comprehensive test done on your well water in a while NOW is the time. Iron, hardness, manganese, PH, TDS, bacteria, and nitrates at a minimum.

Then we can speak intelligently about your water treatment.

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