X-Post with Bathroom-Metal Shower Drain?

trinintybayDecember 7, 2010

My DH asked me to post this question:

I have always has instant problems with PVC shower drain strainer screws stripping out of the plastic therefore I want to install a brass shower drain with strainer screws that screw into metal. This drain will be installed in a new shower which will have a vinyl shower pan, mortar and tile floor; the brass drain will connect to 4" schedule 40 PVC.

Will this work or would you suggest another brands and model number? http://plumbing.hardwarestore.com/51-284-drains-and-traps/2-3-brass-shower-drain--645977.aspx

Any other suggestions for another brass shower drain brand and model number is appreciated.

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You could always helicoil the threads or install thread inserts.

Fine machine threads in plastic (especially soft plastic) have never been very strong.

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Here is the dilemma: A plastic flange is easy to strip out the holes. A metal flange is easy to break off the screws.

Pick your battle.

Either way, never instll the screws very tight. Barely hand tighten, but make sure the drain screen is tight against the flange so it doesn't rock when you step on it.

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Thanks for these comments

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