Help - am i being ripped off on Paver Install (FL)?

dbmyApril 10, 2012

We are buying 111 square feet of travertine coping and 1500 square feet of travertine pavers for our pool in mid-west Florida (Sarasota/Tampa area).

For INSTALLATION only, our pool builder is charging us $2.50 per square feet to lay the pavers for the deck (in sand) but an outrageous $22.65 per square foot to install the coping (mortared). We just had 5 bathrooms retiled and the price didn't come even close to that. His justification for the installation difference is that they have to be mortared.

Can anyone share what they paid for Installation on coping versus Installation on decking? Again these are travertine pavers and travertine bullnose coping. I feel like we're getting ripped off and really need some guidance.

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I am in Tampa Bay (Pasco county) I had 863 sq ft of pavers and brick coping installed for under $6000, that was everything, not just the installation cost. I am not sure what the cost per foot was, but that seems crazy.

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I think that that is very pricey. We live in Jacksonville, FL. We paid $3.00 per sq ft for the pavers outside our screen area, $5.00 per sq ft for the screened room AKA Flamingo Room, and $5.26 per sq ft for the pavers on the raised footers that hold the screen room in place. All the rest of the pavers were included in the price of the pool. The pavers outside the screen room have been mortared at ht borders to keep the pavers from moving. We built our pool in 2009 so I am not sure how that would compare with prices today. I would definitely get more quotes. Please post pics of your install. Hope this helps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Our pool build in Jacksonville

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The price for the pavers is very good maybe even cheap. The price for coping install is always higher. If your pool has lots of curves cost goes up due to all the cuts. That said i don't know if your coping price is high or not.

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both prices would be reasonable for AZ. The 22 could be high for AZ for labor only from a builder to a homeowner, but there are some variables there that could drive the price by a couple bucks up or down (curved or straight, grout/color, sealed/non sealed, thin sets used etc).

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