Toilet back up - plunger won't work

karynDecember 19, 2012

I've tried using bleach, Dawn, hot hot water and a plunger - nothing goes through quickly - but the water eventually goes through if it sits for a hour or more. When flushed again/refilled it stops up again so the stopage is past the toilet somewhere.

When we run water elsewhere in the house - the water level rises quickly in the toilet. VERY DISCONCERTING

I just tried a snake and couldn't get it down the toilet any further than 3 feet or so. It was marking up the bottom of the toilet too. I also tried a little liquid drain cleaner down the bathroom sink (can't use it in toilets). Maybe I'll try that in other sinks too.

Any other ideas? I have no idea where or how to use a clean out - or even if there is one. Taking the toilet off is not something I want to do - so it would have to be a plumber or handyman. Meanwhile I can't run much water anywhere in the house. :-(

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When we run water elsewhere in the house - the water level rises quickly in the toilet.

1. The main line is clogged, you need something like Roto-Rooter to clear it, a snake won't cut it. The toilet is the clean out.
2. The drain field is plugged. Backhoe and trucks and lots of money.

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I've kept working on it and now other water in the house can run without that one toilet's level going up.... thats sort of good I think - but I'm still going to keep a very close eye on it.

Still probably going to need a drain cleaning service though unless it clears up overnight!

UPDATE - it's only slightly better this AM - water is clean and goes down the drain but ever so slow. I'm continuing with hot water and Dawn and plunger but so far no sign of remedy.

UPDATE II - I had it running again, but then when I tested it with full force water down the drain from the bathroom sink and kitchen at the same time - it slowed down again. It's like they pushed something back in the way. Upstairs water running no longer affects the toilet water level however.

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Sounds partially clogged.
If the obstruction is after the vent for the toilet (the line out to free air) the plunger cannot develop any significant pressure.

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Thanks all - it was never DIY - we ended up calling the plumber and they had to remove the toilet and snake the drain - the obstruction was WAY down the line - 60' or more - almost to the sewer. It took two passes to clear it. And about 2 hours @ $90/hour Plus+ Plus+ Snake Fee $75 - Plus+parts and tax.

$288 total - worth it IMHO to know it's done - and done right. Whew - a relief that this is over.

We've only lived in this house for under 2 years - plumber says this was something that started happening long ago.

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