TimberTech vs. Trex?

rockrisleyApril 1, 2008

Can someone please tell me what the difference is between TimberTech and Trex? I was looking at products like Procell and Sensibuilt but my husband is afraid they look "too" plastic? Any other options?

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TimberTech,quality product,very few complaints, High on Customer service, long tract record.

Trex,security violations,class action,another one in the making,blackmold,mildew,general degrading, a lot of really mad Customers a long history of stonewalling,total junk product.


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Steer clear of Trex.

This is why.

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PVC (Procell & Sensibuilt) may be shinier, but both are superior in stain, mold and scratch resistance. Clean up 10 times easier than the old wood and poly composites like Trex and Timbertech. Sensibuilt gets the nod for overall fade resistance over rest; 10 year colorhold warranty. Nobody gives that. Better colors too.

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TimberTech's new XLM decking line is an all-plastic board, like Azek (used to be Procell), also much more stain/mold/scratch resistant than...
Their TwinFinish board is a combination of wood flour and plastic.

Rockrisly, continue your research. Look over the composite manufacturer's websites, know their product lines - figure out which one will best suit your needs. Visit a local lumberyard, look at samples of the various composite deck boards.
If you are hiring a contractor to build your deck, you can start your search on the manufacturer's websites. They have a list of certified installers there. (Also check out their state license to make sure they have no complaints against them)


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Sensibuilt is actually moving towards one of the top composite brands out there. I personally LOVE IT. It's Spill, stain, scratch and mold resistant. We used to have a portico deck which turned a hideous shade of green with mold, so i wanted something that was going to stay clean and playable for the kids.

What i REALLY love about Sensibuilt above ALL other brands it that it is 100% recyclable! No other composite can do that, they may be made out of recycled material but they can't be recycled after it's life-cycle. The life-cycle of Sensibuilt can be reused 4 TIMES OVER! It's VOC free. It's all around environmentally friendly.

Not to mention the 10 year color hold warranty which you simply won't find anywhere else.

Sensibuilt is also in the process of re-working the surface of their product to take away some of the sheen so by the time you start building your deck, the lot you get will be the lot that has alot less shine to it.

Obviously i am a fan of Sensibuilt and would recomend it to nearly anyone considering building or rebuilding thier deck!

Here is a link that might be useful: Sensibuilt

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We are in the initial stages of discussions with couple of contractors to see how much the project costs (getting quotes, etc.)

We had two different people stop by over the weekend to give us their recommendations. One highly recommended TimberTech Earthwood and the other was totally opposed of this instead suggested Trimax. Both told us not to go with Trex (and after reading the forums here, we agree too not to go with Trex).

However, we're confused with the choice here. I haven't read anything about Trimax here and the contractor who favored Trimax said he'll build with TimberTech too (if we insist), but won't give a warranty where as with Trimax he's ready to give a life time warranty. Both said they built their own decks with the choice they favored.

Now, we're so confused with the whole process. They're yet to get back to us with the price info. We're planning to build a single level deck of 34ft. x 12ft (with an octagon at one end for eating/sitting area. Any ideas how much I should expect to pay for this with TT and Trimax?

I would appreciate any input you can provide.

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There is No Life Time Warranty. Reread. Agin.

Think about it....whose life are we talking about?? My life Your life your contractors life. The material's life, the deck frame's life... a define of a Life Time Warranty is not possible.

The reason you dont hear about trimax over here is its not a major player in the market with no where near the tract record of TimberTech. J.

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Just putting in Vekadeck this week...it looks like painted wood and it looks awesome! I was looking for something that would require the least maintenance.

We were done with wood because of maintaining it where we live in harsh weather was the pits. Looked at many, many of the composites and also many pvc's.. decided on pvc decking.

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I live in the northwest across the Puget Sound from Seattle. We have plenty of rain and moss. I put a small deck on my kids playhouse, using the low end TimberTech decking. It is on the north side of the house in a mostly shaded area.
The decking had a choice of using the smooth or textured side. I have the textured side up, 2 winters later, no sign of moss, looks like the day I put it in. Just my two cents.

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We are planning an upstairs wrap around deck and have been considering Trex Transcend. I too have been very concerned about Trex's mold and service issues. Has any one else besides the Trex rep had any experience with the Transcend product? We are looking for a truly maintenance free product that has the color/look of real wood. The vekadeck looks nice but I haven't found any dealers in our area.

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There is no truly maintenance free product. J.

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We are looking to re-do our deck. We are total confused on what to choose Trex Trenscend, Azek or Timber Tech any advise please?

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Hey there everyone I am a timbertech operator and I have to say by far our xlm (extreme low Maint.) or earthwood evolutions decking is the way to go there is no better looking product out there and if your looking to save some money we have our reliaboard and our new express railing so email me with any questions cdavenport72@yahoo.com

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