Composite vs real wood deck in new construction build?

roll80April 7, 2014

Were in the final stages of getting set to break ground on our home in Michigan and need to decide on the deck material. Composite vs real wood....building roughly a 12 x 34 ft deck.
anybody know the cost per square foot difference and what you have done or prefer..i know it will be more for the composite but it think the up front cost will be worth it in the long run with the look and virtually maintenance free..
any advise?
also, were building in a wooded area, so will get some sun but shade throughout the day as well. the deck will be facing north to NE, thanks

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I don't have the square footage costs you asked about but I did quite a bit of research several years ago and had several concerns I'll mention here. I'm in SE Texas where we have high humidy and a lot of rain so that may change your circumstances. I was concerned a composite 2 x 6 board cost three times as much as a treated board, some composite lumber had mold and mildew complaints and required power washing with cleaning chemicals, composite lumber isn't made for structural members under the deck and I figured if I had to stick with treated lumber under the deck, I might as well use it for the deck surface as well. I ultimately chose fiberglass beam construction.

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Going on 20 years with our 12 x 25 PT deck. After the first 5 years, we had it powerwashed and repainted every two years with a semi-transparent stain. That service is about $300 each time so it would be $3000 for 10 services (every other year), covering 20 years. That is far less than using the composite decking. Also composite decking probably needs some sort of maintenance anyhow.

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S American hardwood decking, Ipe, Cumaru, Garapa

Load bearing and structurally sound. Price depends on quantity and size

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We don't have a deck, having an old house with porches. But we replaced our wooden back steps with faux wood and I must say they are not half as slippery as wood. It does get some mildew on it. I am in NH which would be similar winter conditions to yours. Highly recommend for steps!

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