old painted? deck - what to do now?

sheisaevalApril 4, 2013

We've been to many home depots and lowes and each time we go we get a new answer, so I figure I'll ask here.

We bought a house last year and we think (and also asked home depot/lowes people as well) that it was badly painted but it was starting to scrape off at certain parts so we want to do something about it.

Anyway, should we-
Apply a solid color stain?
Apply a deck paint?

And before we do it, should we-
Scrub it with a stiff bristled brush
Use some kind of deck cleaner
Power wash?

Do we need to use a primer?

Recommendations for products would be great as well.


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I'm no expert but that looks to be a solid color stain. The wood is showing it's age and I wouldn't attempt to paint it since all those cracks are just going to inhale the paint. Plus, it'll be difficult to coat all the crevices with paint and it just won't look nice once you're finished...IMO.

I suggest you go to a lumber yard or a storefront that specializes in decking material, show them the photo above and explain what you're needing. If they don't carry deck stains, then for good advice on what to use in prepping and staining the deck go to your local paint store.....Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, etc.

BTW, when I said 'go to a lumber yard', I am not referring to the big box stores.........I mean a true lumber yard.

I think you may find the link below helpful. They discuss the problem you're having.

Here is a link that might be useful: Deck stain

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