Please review layout

renovatesueMarch 7, 2013

Hi everyone on this site is so smart. Please let me know your thoughts on my layout.

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why don't you use the kitchen side of the T wall between the doorways on the left. 15 in depth/ with base cabinet/counter and some cabinet or shelves on the wall.Really useful. If you're not opening the living spaces on left to the kitchen, I'd at least use that wall for something. looks like 36 in available-don't waste that.Move the fridge to the right and you could make this a little deeper- 21 inches perhaps with 2 stools for episodic casual use. Is this a traditional home where the walls are staying intact as opposed to opening it up?

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Can you label the adjoining spaces. Is this your existing layout? What do you like and dislike?

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I would flip the DW and trash. You want the trash between the sink and range. Then you can make the 9" a 15 inch and the 27 on the other side a 21".

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Not knowing the adjacent rooms and their functions, here is one idea that might help your thinking.

Have you tried moving the stove run over where you now have the fridge, and moving fridge to the current stove wall. I mention it because it would give you two possibilites, one for improved upper cabinet symmetry on the stove wall, and then you could pull out a long penninsula from that small "T" wall on the left. On the penninsula, you could put a prep sink almost directly behind the new stove location, and that would separate your prep and cleanup zones nicely. It would also give you several square feet of countertop workspace in a central location.

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