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golfer38April 22, 2011

Hello everyone and thanks in advance for any response.

I have a large pool (50x25) with a waterfall and no spa.

My Heater is a Lochinvar ERN-402 (400K BTU) @ 240V, 1Amp

Pump #1 (for pool) in line with heater is a Hayward SP4030 3HP FR @ 240V, 30Amp

Pump #2 (for waterfall) standalone, is a Hayward SP4015 2HP MR @ 240V, 15Amp

I also have 2 pool lights @ 120V each.

I also have a couple GFI outlets.

My system now runs itself off a spin dial type timer with the pins that can be manually adjusted for on/off.

The pool is about 13 years old and over time, I replaced the heater and both pumps.

I would like to automated my pool this year with a remote capability. I do not want to change out any valves but would like to be able to turn off/on each of the components as well as work the thermostat of the heater (I read where the Lochinvar has that option).

I have read a handful of posts in here but most of them deal with systems that control the valves (which I do not need to do).

I have googled these type systems and still confused on which is the best option. I am pretty handy, so I am not worried about having to rewire my system, I just want to do it once with the right equipment.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Thanks, Jim (Maryland)

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Any of the major pool equipment manufacturers have computer systems with wireless or wired remotes that would work for your system.
Many of them do have the ability to utilize valve actuators, but you dont have to connect them. It would simply be a com port on the pc board that you wouldnt use.

For your setup, just hard wire the pumps into the breakers, breakers to relays, and relays to the pc board. All of your equipment could be run this way.

Typically lights are run on 110v, so you would run one hot, one neutral through a GFCI, and one ground.

Heater would need com wire/firemans switch to the computer. The computer would be equipped with temp sensors and the heating control would now default to the computer. Set your physical/local thermostats on the heater itself to the highest setting (typically 104�), the computer will control the actual temp, cycling the heater to maintain whatever temp you program.

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Your best bets is a Pentair Easy Touch 4 with a wireless remote. You can sell the valve actuators it comes with. You can also order it with an IC-60 salt cell for not much more.


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Scott makes a good point, valve actuators go down all the time, shouldnt be hard to sell them!

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