Deck or paved patio if backdoor is 4 feet above ground?

pood2April 4, 2012

I'm going to get either a deck or patio done in my back yard this month, but I'm still mulling over whether to do a PVC/composite deck or paved patio. I've gotten a few quotes and they're almost about the same price, maybe a $1k difference.

For my space, what should I do?

I'd like to conserve the current patio then add the patio or deck. Either way, the deck/patio will stop before the current patio.

The deck would likely have stairs coming out on the side (away from the house).


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Can you post your photos in the message body? Makes it easy for us to see and respond.

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The thing you can't tell from the photo's is what is on the other side of the hedge. I'm guessing that the hedge is there to provide privacy or to screen something that you don't want to see from your property. In that case I'd go with a ground level patio.

But if the view over the hedge is desirable then I'd go with a raised deck.

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