painting deck railing--how often?

dgmarieApril 9, 2008

I bought a home with a generic pressure treated lumbar deck. I don't believe it is cedar but don't know. The decking is stained but the railing is painted white. Last year I had a guy pressure wash and restain the deck and touch up the rails. This year I see I need to scrape and repaint the rails again. I really hate to do this forever and am wondering....

1. How often should one expect to repaint rails?

2. What is the best way to repain to make it last?

3. Is it better/cheaper to rip out and replace with something else?

The deck is pictured below. I'm in the midwest and get tons of snow.


Entire deck

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Those rails look good dg,to keep what you have paint is going to have to be put on as needed. That is dont wait until you have peeling,flaking and bare wood showing check it every couple of months.

Use what ever the last guy used Im not a big fan of mixing latex and oil base.

There are several white composite rail around Timber Tech make a good looking rail system if your thinking about replacement. John

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I did mine with TimberTech Radiance Rail as John suggested.
Sturdy. cleans up easy. Easy to install.

Pics here:

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