Kitchen sink water not very hot :-(

MIssyVDecember 14, 2011

We have lived in our current home (my grandparents home) for 8 years now, and we just recently updated our kitchen. In the update, we removed the small hot water tank that was under the kitchen sink. We felt it was an electrical drain and took up quite a bit of space.

Well, since removing it, the water that comes to the kitchen sink doesn't get hot enough for my liking. All other sinks and faucets get hot enough water, even the half bath that is the furthest from the water tank.

We are on a slab. I wonder if that is why my grandparents installed the water tank originally, they had the same issues.

Is there a way to correct this or do we need to put another hot water tank under the sink?

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Pretty much self-answering question, don't you think? Hot water path to the desired location too opposed to the other locations. Suspect GPs noticed the same and solved it their way....which you've removed.

"Correct this"? Sure. Tear up the entire slab and start over with this single anomaly foremost in your motivation. Relocate the water-heater, etc., etc.

I would suggest opting for the same solution your GP's did.

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Yep... I would guess that the pipes are uninsulated and losing their heat to the slab.

I think their solution was reasonable.

I'm not going to make the snarky comment about busting up the slab.

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