Signs of a well going dry?

mommafryeDecember 1, 2008

What are the signs of a well going dry?


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Umm lack of water? Couldn't resist. Seriously I would think an increase in sediment and the pump drawing air or something like that. Hopefully somebody else will have more answers. I suspect if you're asking (what symptoms are you experiencing?) you already know the answer :)

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So far just the water has become a little dirty.

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I have an irrigation use only, shallow well and sometimes after a hard rain or a long period without rain the water gets cloudy. Generally the water clears after a few days of rain, or no rain depending on the cause. My intake is only about 40' down, with about 20' of head.

How deep is your well and what kind of pump and how much head. Has this been going on for a long time? Does the water pressure drop or the flow dwindle after some period of time, if so how long.

If it is just dirty water with no other symptoms then that means you probably have a leak in the casing which is letting in ground water. That is not good if you are consuming the water, but ok if you , like me, are only using it for irrigation.

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The well is 225 ft deep. I think jacuzzi submersible for the pump. It started last night but it happened back in late July or early August for a day. We have been in a drought for a couple of years. The water is oderless and tasteless.

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