Concrete slab "finsh"?

onewomanarmyApril 18, 2013

We have a concrete slab, which has been extended (so technically, 2 slabs) in order to give us the size we wanted for a screened in porch. Now that the construction on the structure is done, and we've lived with it for a while, we are trying to decide what to do about the "floor" of this space.

The concrete itself has a rough finish - not too rough to walk on bare footed, but not as comfortable and inviting as we'd like for this space. We'd also like the space to have a more finished feel. I'm looking for suggestions and ideas on how to accomplish this. The things that I think are relevant to the decision -
- we don't want carpet because we don't want something that will retain water (and dirt)
- we have three dogs that make numerous trips through this area every day (another reason to vote "no" for carpet!)
- we'd like something that gives the space a more finished, comfortable feel and that is easy on the feet
- we live in central Ky, so have hot summers and fairly cold winters (freezes, ice, snow, though generally not to great extremes)
- space is approx 14.5' x 15.5

I'd try to stain it myself but the surface isn't quite what we'd like, so I'm assuming our options are either an overlay or some sort of decking tiles. Thought I'd see if there are any other suggestions or ideas, or some words of wisdom on what I need to look for from contractors.

(Is overlay the correct terminology here? I'm thinking a thin surface applied to the existing concrete, with either some sort of pattern or color/acid wash applied and a "softer" surface to the feet.)

Thanks for any opinions and advice!

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company called FLOR does carpet tiles for outdoor application. It's actually a pretty cool look. I'd consider them before rejecting the idea out of hand.

In terms of the finish, I assume you have a basic broom finish concrete slab (has tiny ridges all going the same direction, made by a broom)? This is typical for exterior pours because of slip and fall protection. A concrete overlay is the right term for what you're after. Just make sure it won't end up to slick, especially if you or the pups end up tracking in water,

Another overly option is a kool deck/ excel deck acrylic process. We used Sundek on a client's pool deck and it worked out well (link below). I looked for info on a few of the other companies in that vein we used in AZ, but that was before the recession. It looks like most of them didn't make it through.

Here is a link that might be useful: sundek

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Thanks for the info marcinde.

I looked up FLOR and didn't see the outdoor tiles - but those are definitely cool and will keep them in mind for other projects. The reason I hate to do carpet out there is because the dogs aren't real good at wiping their feet before they come in the porch. We've got a piece of that cheap outdoor carpet from Lowes down out there now - feels much nicer to the feet but sure didn't take long to show the dirt of the dogs traipsing through! I think it took all of a week before it looked bad. I guess I need to teach them better manners... :)

Looks like Sundek has someone fairly close, think we'll see what they have to say - at least it's a place to start!

Thanks again for the info - I wasn't familiar with the Sundek name.

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You could have flagstone installed over the slab. ;o)

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