Built-In Pantry- Can You Give Me Some Inspiration Pics

odiegirl13March 5, 2010

I changed my original plan and I decided to go for a built-in pantry. The more I think about it, the more I am not sure what it should look like. Should I try to make it like a hutch so it doesn't look like a big block of cabinets? The pantry will be the first cabinet inside a doorway.

I am also thinking that I may be able to re-purpose an old oven stack cabinet??? After reading florantha's great thread about modest and quirky kitchens I am trying to remind myself to stick to my budget.

Can you guys give me some inspiration pics?

This is my latest layout idea. The pantry is to the right of the fridge. I have an additional under-the-stair pantry adjacent to the dining area and additional storage in the laundry room.

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I think your coffee area could handle some hutchlike detailing if you'd like, and I was going to say to stay fairly plain on the pantry, but then I thought of Erikanh's great pantry...and there's another with glass doors on the front that is wonderful. (I wish I could remember the name of the person whose kitchen it was...I think it had a red, divided light door) I was first wondering why someone would want others to see into a pantry, but it was a homey and had a lot of character.

I'll link photos of Erikanh's kitchen below. The first pic is what I meant about your coffee area, and the 2nd photo on this page is the pantry I referenced.

There might also be some pantries to help you in some of the link on this thread in the gallery:

Here is a link that might be useful: Erikanh's album

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I know you must hear this all the time rhome but I will say it anyway - you are good! Those are perfect inspiration pics. Erikanh's kitchen is perfection and the coffee area is gorgeous. I would never thought of glass either in the pantry but I love hers. I don't know if my pantry could ever look that organized but maybe it would keep my in line.

I think I am looking for something so I will lessen then idea of feeling hemmed in when I walk through that doorway. My plans could definitely use some character. Character is something I so love in other kitchen but not something I know how to give to mine.

Going back to look at the pics some more.

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someone used old screen doors for her pantry doors. that was the old fashioned farm kitchen redo.

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We're doing a 41" wide pantry cabinet (custom cabs) with drawers on the bottom (2 drawers on the first row, then two 41" wide drawers below that) and a regular pantry cab on top with rollout shelves. It's still a lot of wood, but I think the drawers break it up some. The 41" wide drawers and rollout shelves are going to be HUGE!

We have a similar fridge wall, just the mirror image.

Note that the pic below is not final: I had the cabinet maker move 1 inch from the right cabs to the pantry, so the pantry will be 41.5".

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I have a small room that is a pantry - but the back wall I wanted to look hutch like. It has glass fronts and drawers which sit directly on the counter. I am not sure it is what you are looking for but may provide inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pantry

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Sorry - here is another set of photos for inspiration. These are some that I used for inspiration.

Here is a link that might be useful: Other Pantry photos

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desertsteph - I think I remember that. I guess the thread is long gone. That is a pretty cool idea.

pudgybaby - that is going to be beautiful! It looks more like a piece of furniture which is what I am aiming for. What are you going to put in the drawers?

willowdecor - your pantry is AMAZING. I love the glass and the cabinets sitting on the countertop. The first time I saw it I thought someone was posting inspiration pics. It took me a minute to figure out that it actually belonged to a real person. LOL! It must be so nice to have your desk area in there as well. Thanks also for the beautiful inspiration pics.

I have a 5' wall that runs perpendicular to the planned refrigerator wall. I am using the whole space for my desk but I don't need it all for my laptop. I was trying to figure out how to tie it into the coffee/snack bar cabinets but I couldn't do it. I kind of gave up on that one.

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A pantry using an old screen door seems pretty "in" right now.


One benefit--pantries are supposed to have some ventilation or the food will eventually smell stale.

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Great pics Marcolo. I remember the red one. I would have to get more organized with those but maybe that is a good thing. The fabric one is a neat idea.

I started thinking about all the stuff on the top shelf of my pantry that is not pretty enough to have on display. The more I thought about that stuff I realized that it has been sitting up there for probably 5 years untouched! Guess it needs to head on out the door to Goodwill.

I just talked to DH about the pantry and he loves the ideas you guys have given me. Hope he likes them enough to increase the budget to cover it.

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