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eandhlMarch 24, 2013

Just noticed a great stand for Ipad in the kit. Can any of you with fairly new Ipads share info for someone just looking. i.e. 16 gig vs 32 gig. Cellular no cellular.

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That's kind of a personal decision. I like to watch movies on the ipad and I travel a lot, so I went for the 32 GB. For most of my friends 16 GB is plenty (music, books, audiobooks don't take up nearly as much space as movies and photos).

As to whether you need one with a data plan, when you're at home you can just use your home wifi. The main advantage for the ones with data is that you can look up anything when you're out and about.

So it all comes down to how you plan to use it, really.

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I got 32GB but in a year of use I'm only up to 5GB used. 16GB is likely plenty for kitchen use, but for the price differential 32GB may be safer if you aren't sure if you'll expand your usage over time.

And like writersblock says, you don't need wireless if it's just for your kitchen. I got the flex data plan which is only $5/month and like that I can take it on the road and still use it when need be. You can put it on "airplane" mode to ensure you aren't accidentally using the data plan unless you explicitly tell it to, so that it defaults to only hooking up to wifi.

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What is a Flex data plan? So if you think you might want to download a movie, 32 gig is better? I am a newbie when it comes to apple products. Even our phone is just a phone on our daughter's plan. Hardly use it and only she has the number. We do not have cell service in most of our town. As for cellular I thought we could just buy a month or a couple of gigs when we travel.

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No, not a movie, many movies. The average movie is about 1 to 2 GB, normally. If you only need one or two movies on it at a time, the 16 GB is fine.

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Flex data is a small amt of data per month, I think just 10mb, for $5. Then if you go over it bumps up to either $15 for 1gb or $35 for 5gb. It's nice b/c I get enough for random intermittent usage for just 5 bucks, but then in August when we spend 2 weeks at the cottage without any wifi, I can still get Internet for just $35.

I think flex plans are available from most providers... mine is bell in Canada, but I imagine AT&T, sprint, Verizon have similar. You can probably also just buy a month separately when you travel, but for me it's not worth the hassle factor of signing up and canceling when 5 bucks a month takes care of it.

Bottom line, you don't have to decide on a data plan when you buy the device ... just make sure it's wireless capable if you think you will want to sign up for something down the road.

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We bought our ipad with the 4g but we only use wireless. We can activate the 4g by the month- but would only need it for car travel as we can hook into wireless just about anywhere
We also have the 64GB version which is an overkill but since you can't add GB ex post facto - we thought it was safer.

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Thanks for information. I know my phone is on verizon so I will check to see what they have to offer.

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We only have 16 kb and wifi. I am using it now! You will love the IPad.

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Fori is not pleased

No love for Nexus?

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Nope. It's all about the apps, and android is too fragmented to have the wide selection that iOS does. Developing for android is a major pain because of all the different flavors.

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I purchased the 16 with option for data plan. I use mostly at home, but did want option to use on the road. I don't know how fast or slow it is compared to home wifi, but mention it since one business associate always moves to our home wifi instead of remaining on their ipad data plan.

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I clearly need to learn more as I certainly plan to use it more than the Kitchen. I put the post here because I saw some people use it for recipes. Being on my daughter's plan I assume which is Verizon I will have to do the Verizon data. ???
I think I would want to Flex or just be able to order the data as needed. ??? I appreciate the information here. Thank you.

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I am on Verizon- as I said above - I bought the iPad that supports 4G but only need to activate when we travel by car.
So far, we have never used the 4G just the wireless which is unlimited :-)

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