Still having suction problems

lindamarieApril 16, 2013

We have been having a problem with pool suction in return. It previously ran fine. Lots of bubbles in the pump basket. We have replaced the PVC pipes. We had a pool service come out last summer. They blew some leaves out of the bottom drain. Still never ran right. Not enough suction for the pool cleaner to climb the walls.

We recently had another service out who charged us over $350. He did some blowing iout of the return line. The suction did not improve. He said he did all he can do then. He wants to do a $400 pressure test.

Any suggestions? We really need help.


Gunite 30,000 gal

Hayward DE4820
running at 15 psi

runs at 0 psi with more suction with spa boost on


HP 1.5 SPL

The pool Cleaner

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Lets start by taking a slow running water hose and put it on every joint in front of the pump while the pump is running and see if the air in the pump lid stops while your putting water over any joint.

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There are a few different things you need to check. you said you had a pipe fixed last year, was this on the skimmer or main drain line? is there a valve in front of the pump? if yes, turn the valve while the filter is running. this will let you know which line is the problem to start. then we can go on from there.

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I like the water hose on the joints test. There seems to be 2 leaks in glued joints. There does not seemto be enough room to cut and reglue pvc.

I will check the valve thing tomorrow.

Need to get the suction up because I can't get the water clear with low suction.
Not enough suction to clear the water surface with pecan seed things. Nothing moving

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