Delta 1400 series shower faucet repair

donk4kyvDecember 27, 2006

I just recently installed a new water heater, and evidently some of the crud from the old one got into the pipes and clogged up some of the faucet valves. It stopped up the aerator in the sink faucet, but I was able to easily disassemble it and unclog the filter. I have not had such good luck with the Delta Monitor 1400 series shower faucet. It's one of those single lever jobs where the lever turns on the water and adjusts temperature all in one operation.

Apparently the hot water valve is stopped up. I get a good cold water flow, but nothing from the hot side, no matter what. It is probably a simple unclogging job, but I can't figure out how to remove the guts from the faucet. I even have the original instruction sheet, but it is next to useless. The parts in mine vaguely resemble what is illustrated in the drawings, but the assembly diagram gives no clue to how the pieces actually fit together, and the instructions for removing the cartridge from the faucet could have just as well been written in Arabic or Chinese, for the sense it makes to me ("rotate 1/4 turn past the stop and lift out the cartridge???" - when you hit the stop, the shaft stops, period, and the plastic stop mechanism would have to break to allow you to rotate it PAST the stop! I took out the stop mechanism altogether, and the shaft just rotates 360 degrees, but nothing comes loose, unscrews or comes apart.)

Has anyone successfully been able to get one of these things apart to repair it or replace internal parts? I did a Google search and cannot find any repair instructions from the company, only the names of retailers that sell faucets and replacement parts.

I don't want to have to rip apart the wall next to the shower to replace the entire faucet assembly.


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I found a technical diagram section on Delta faucets website
With teardown diagrams. You need the full model #. they are PDF pages that you can print off. If that does't help there is an online chat with customer service or you can call them


Here is a link that might be useful: delta faucet website

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I replaced the seats and springs in 2 - Delta 1400's today and found this link on garden web and it was very helpful. I was stumped and had no idea how these things went together. Lowe's had all the parts I needed. If you need to replace the whole cartridge, it was about $38.

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Faucet 1400 repair guide

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Hey guys. I haven't messed around with many faucets or anything plumbing related, but i was wondering if there is a fairly simple way to adjust the maximum hot on this faucet. Winter is drawing near and i would like to have hot showers. Just to cold at the moment for my liking. Any help would be appreciated.



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I just picked up one of these repair units at Lowe's and it worked great.

If you want to adjust the max temp of the water, just take off the handle, and look at the mixing valve, it is really simple. There are at least two types.

One I will call the "new" type, it has the hard limit stop built into the mixing valve, once the handle is removed, remove the retaining washer, and move the hard limit stop ring to the left for hotter, to the right for colder, there is a guage on the side of the mixing valve.

The second is the original type that was in the faucet before I replaced it. This one has a brass stop that mounts on the stem, and then a hat that sits over it to adjust the max temp, same thing left hot right cold. There is a retaining o-ring on this unit that will need to be slid out to adjust and back to keep the hard limit stop in place.

Keep in mind, if you move this hotter, all are you are doing is removing cold water from the mix, which will reduce the over all pressure.

This has a major impact if you have water pressure problems already, as I do. I hope I helped someone, I know this post helped me!


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Did you find your answer? I have the same problem only my cold water side is clogged.

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I'm sure you've already solved your problem, but for anyone else dealing with this, here's what I found. After removing the handle, remove the "Trim Sleeve". It's the smooth stainless sleeve covering the cartridge. It's not threaded so just twist it back and forth while pulling. This will expose the "bonnet", a brass retaining nut with no flats. You can thread it off with Channellock pliers. Now, the manual would have you put the handle back on and rotate it 1/4 turn past the stop to remove the "Cap Assembly" (white portion). I agree with you about the force required being too great and I'm sure I would be replacing my whole valve cartridge if I had forced it. Instead, grab it as close to the far end as possible with curved jaw Channellocks and turn 1/4 CCW to remove. Since the problem is clogging from deposits, you're going to want to remove the "Housing Assembly" (blue portion) as well. In that case, leave the white and blue portions connected for now, grab the assembly by hand and pull straight outward while wiggling it slightly. I cleaned mine with CLR and it works great. Vinegar can be also used. Hope that helps. Delta's web site sure doesn't.


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If you're not getting any hot water at all, the problem is most likely a stuck spool valve in the blue housing assembly. Remove it and shake it side to side. If you don't hear and feel the spool moving, replace it. Although not impossible to repair, it's not worth it, get a new one.

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Step one is to remove the shower hot/cold handle. The allen set screw is stripped, now the "f" what?
Any advice would me very helpful.

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I had good luck with this article from a plumber in Asheville. (See the link underneath...)

The one-handed operation is nice, but the working mechanism is a bit of a mystery :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Delta Monitor Shower Faucet Repair

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I had extremely low water pressure in my shower for years and it's recently become unbearable. So being the computer geek that I am I did a few google searches which led me to this posting which I found extremely helpful. I removed the cartridge and cleaned all of the mineral deposits from inside the housing, flushed the housing by turning the water back on and then replaced the old cartridge with a new one I purchased at lowe's. I was so excited that after years I was going to have good water pressure again. So I was very dissappointed when I turned the shower back on and it was still barely a trickle out of the shower arm. So off to lowe's I went at 8 at night to buy a 1/4 inch drum auger. I inserted it into the shower arm and it wouldnt make the bend to go down the supply pipe. I removed the shower arm and attempted to insert the auger again, but still no luck. Since it appeared to be an issue with the diameter of the end of the auger being too large, I cut it off with a pair of tin snips. I know that I was ruining the auger, but if it fixed my shower it was only $13. After removing the end and adding some dish soap for lubrication I was able to insert the auger and run it all the way down to the valve. After a few turns of the drum handle I withdrew the auger and tried the water again. This time the water flushed out a bunch of white debris/mineral deposits and I had great water pressure again. I apologize for being long winded, but I never saw this solution posted any where and thought I'd put it out there in case it would be of help to anyone else

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