HELP - How to properly mount wooden porch posts?

crabjoeApril 25, 2014

I've got a porch post that's rotting and since I couldn't find a match, I'm now having to replace all 4 posts.

I recently picked up the new wooden posts, but I've got some question.

1. will cutting the new posts to the same as the wold be fine, or should I cut them z 1/4 in longer or something? The reason I'm asking is because the posts aren't mounted to the floor. They are being held in place by the weight of the roof, it's holding up.

2. What should I use to mount the top of the post to the bulkhead or whatever it's call? I think the builder just used some nails, but even if I go with nail, are they any specific size or type of nail? Might screws make of brass or something be better?

BTW, the posts are 6"x6"x9'. I've got to cut them down to 98 inches....


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The image illustrates the type of metal post base you should use. The base keeps the wood post from actually touching the deck or porch floor where it wicks up water and rots.

Paint or trim around the base to hide it.

There are also decorative versions of this hardware that look nicer. Search google for "steel post base", for examples.

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