Smelling sewer in lower level & outside

SnailLoverDecember 12, 2013

Recently I started smelling a sewage smell in the lower level where the laundry and bathroom are. I first noticed the smell last week coming from the pipe that the washer drains into. Now it's worse and the whole bathroom next to it smells. I can't pinpoint the smell in the bathroom. It's down low near the floor. I don't smell it in the sink or shower drain. Outside the smell is down low against that side of the house. I don't smell it where the drain field is.

It's been very windy and cold here, in the teens this week. The smell got worse when the weather got colder. The toilets are flushing fine and the sinks are draining as normal. No signs of backup that I can tell, except for the smell.

The septic was pumped and inspected this past July when I bought the house. I only noticed the smell when it got cold and windy. People have told me it's just sewage gas from the stack vent, but I'm worried it's a worse problem.


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If you just bought the house, and the laundry is downstairs... is there maybe a floor drain in the laundry room somewhere you don't know about that needs to have water poured down it to "seal" the trap?

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kirkhall, I don't see any floor drains down there. I think the shower drain and washer pipe are connected though (they're about 5 feet apart). A friend told me to pour water into the shower, which I did, and the smell got better in the bathroom. I still smell it in the washer pipe. It did get better after I washed a few loads of clothes. At least it's not stinking up the entire basement now.

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