New Fleck 9100SXT Water Softener - Settings help, please.

MickMontanaDecember 12, 2012

I just installed a new Fleck 9100SXT (24000 grain) water softener and am looking for some help with the settings. I'd like to make the most efficient use of both salt and water.

There's two of us in a 1 1/2 bath home. We have mostly water saving appliances. We had a complete test of our well water done prior to the softener purchase. Here's the results:

pH 8.13
Iron 0.013 mg/l
Alkalinity in Water 259 mg/l
Carbonate Bicarbonate as CaCO3 259 mg/l
Specific Conductance 629 umho/cm 0
Chloride 5.88 mg/l
Fluoride 0.42 mg/l
Sulfate 26.5 mg/l
Nitrate plus Nitrite as N H 10.7 mg/l
Nitrate level is above the EPA Maximum Contaminant Level of 10 mg/L. Contact your local County Sanitarian for

Total Coliform by Presence/Absence Absent
E.coli by Presence/Absence Absent
Herbicide -(Present/Absent) No Detect
Calcium 46.7 mg/l
Magnesium 43.7 mg/l
Total Hardness as CaCO3 296 mg/l
Hardness, Grains / Gallon 17.3 gpg
Sodium 22.8 mg/l
Copper 0.021 mg/l
Lead Arsenic Uranium 0.005 mg/l
Pesticides (Present/Absent) No Detect
No analytes were detected at or above the labs established minimum detection limits
Volatile Organic Compounds NO DETECT

We've installed a ceramic filter for our (and our pets) drinking water due to the borderline high nitrates. The internet water softener seller didn't provide much in the way of settings help and my research hasn't turned up much I'd be confident in using. I used this forum a lot when researching my purchase and am hoping I'll get some good help now that the install is complete. Thanks in advance.

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Dual-tank softener - correct?

What does the BLFC sticker say? This should be a small sticker, approx 3/4" x 3/4" located on/near the brine inlet to the valve. It should have a number like 0.25, 0.5, 0.75 or 1.0. This is the flow rate of brine into the brine tank when it is filled after regen and is necessary to set the brine fill time.

Did you receive a manual with your softener?
What did your softener vendor tell you to do for setup?
Have you made any programming changes at all?

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If your 24k 9100SXT softener has .75 cu ft of resin in each tank you're only getting an SFR of 7 gpm. Did you test your water/well system for SFR?

Are you going to correct the nitrate problem and the high pH?

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Thanks for the replies. I was away from the computer last night - thus the delayed response.

The BFLC sticker reads 1.5gpm

The vendor supplied a skimpy, generic install sheet and nothing about settings (the perils of buying on the WWW)

I do have the manuals for the valve and it explains what the settings are but doesn't really go into determining what to set them at. It refers you to your professional for that.

I made a few changes based on a guide I found on the Internet - it too was a little skimpy on how to determine setting values.

We do have the .75 cubic feet of resin per tank setup. The SFR is more than adequate for our well.

We've addressed the nitrate level with a ceramic filter at our drinking supply that removes >85%. Since the PH was in the normal range (higher side) and our water tastes good it wasn't addressed.

I know there are a lot of settings to go through on the water softener and it's a lot to ask of someone to walk us through each so if anyone can point us to a detailed guide online somewhere that would be great. I just want to make sure it is set up specific to our situation.

Thanks again.

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I could be mistaken, but I think you may be looking at the DLFC (drain line flow control) rather than the BLFC (BRINE). Does the sticker say "drain" on it? 1.5 gpm is the correct drain flow, but would be an odd brine flow for the size softener you have. Please confirm.

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Oops. The 1.5gpm was the DLFC. The brine flow is marked .5. Thanks aliceinwonderland.

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I don't have a manual for the 9100sxt so you will have to use the one you have to ensure you make sure you make the correct changes.

DF: GAL (gallons)
VT: St1b
CT: This you need to decide. When one tank runs out of capacity, do you want it to regen immediately, or wait until a convenient time. Immediate: Fl. Time of your choosing: Fd
NT: 2
TS: (no change)
C: 15.8
H: 17.4 if it will let you set decimals, if not, 18.
SF: If you chose immediate regen - 5. IF you chose delayed regen - 15
DO: 7
RT: time of your choosing if you chose delayed regen
BW: 10 minutes
BD: 60 minutes
RR: 10 minutes
BF: 3 minutes

Day of week settings: make sure it is ON for every day.
CD: doesn't matter
FM: should be a turbine meter, most likely t0.7 for 3/4" (You will have to ask your supplier if you are uncertain of the size)
K: no change

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Thanks, alice. I've made the suggested changes.

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