LOVE This Headboard; Have You Seen One Similar Anywhere???

lynninnewmexicoApril 29, 2014

My quest lately is to help my 20y/o DD find furnishings for her bedroom at the house she and 3 of her sorority sisters will be moving into in 2 weeks. I've just ordered a new full-size bed for her, as all of her bedding is that size (they've been living in a furnished campus apartment since the sorority house fire in January).

She asked me to find her a special headboard that we can paint black over the Summer while she's home here. Black, to work with her Pottery Barn bedding. Last week we found the perfect one that she loved on Craig's List, but it was sold. I loved it, too. Now, frustratingly, nothing else I find looks good enough! I've been to more than a dozen consignment and used furniture shops since then, looking at headboards. Most are bookcase, too plain or too masculine. I've searched online for a new one that looks similar to no avail. I'm about ready to give up, but am holding out hope that perhaps you all can find me one that's similar.
Thanks for any help,

The headboard (and footboard): Love the spindles, that it's wood and the whimsical top lines of it:

BTW, this is a pic (from PBT) of her sheets, comforter, etc.:

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Check eBay and There are a few on there, but the photos are blurry when I paste them here.

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Check Overstock -- there may be a headboard there that might work!

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Holly- Kay

I really like that! I can see why nothing else seems to do now that you have that style in mind. I wish I knew where you could find something similar but I have no suggestions, just commiseration!

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Keep checking craigslist. Looks like one from the mid 70's.

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Try Southwest Spanish Craftsmen for something somewhat similar - they are in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. Where in New Mexico are you?

If you love the design that much, you could take the photo to a cabinet or woodworker's shop in your area and have them price making a reproduction of it. If they cannot make it, they may be able to help you find someone who can.


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Tibbrix: I'd already checked Ebay, but hadn't even thought about Etsy . . . thank you!

Teacats: thank you, I'm off to check them.

Holly-kay:It would look so pretty painted back, too. (Sigh!)

Marti: I was thinking the same thing: Mid-seventies. Probably during the still Mediterranean craze. I'll keep on checking CL, as we do have time.

Publickman: funny you should mention them, as we have some of their furniture already! But, it's too expensive for a college kid's house. One bed I checked the price on was $15,000! I can personally attest to the quality of their furniture, though.

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Definitely mid 1970s "mediterranean"

If she's in Texas, try the craigslist closest to her.

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Did you see this one on eBay, bidding at $90? I think this would look amazing painted black and with pillows against it. Looks like a full size.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spindle bed.

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Lazygardens: she's at the University of Oklahoma, just south of OKC in Norman. The problem there is that this is a huge university and they jack the prices up accordingly, as there are so many students in apartments and houses around Norman.

Tibbrix: that's nice! But, it's local pick up only, in New York. Too bad, as that would look great black.

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It's funny that you posted that bed as it has been in my watch folder forever on eBay. However, for the same reason with Lynn it didn't work for me either due to the pick -up only. Though I refuse to delete it from my watch folder because I love it!

Lynn: you probably have already done this but does your area have a designated section of antique shops or antique malls in your town or any town nearby. In many of the old towns/cities here, you can find a mix of higher and low end stores that sell antiques and they are usually in one more centralized location. Some have high end and/or low end antiques and some just have a mix of furniture from a variety of eras 60's, 70's, and 80's. I was on the look for a double bed back in the winter for DS1's room and had my heart set on a Jenny Lind or antique bamboo neither of which were available anywhere for a reasonable price or shipping price when I needed them. That is why I have the bed above mentioned by Tibbrix as it was almost a mix or gave the feel of each of those styles. I ended up finding a bed at one of my local antique stores for little of nothing and it just needed some restore a finish. We get so many compliments on that bed. I would take a pick now but alas it is covered with a mix of clean and dirty laundry! Teen boys!!

It is not the original style I was looking for but it fit the bill for very little money and if i wanted to paint it, etc. would in no way feel guilty.

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This is pretty cute (and cheap). Not sure what "rigging" it would require, but think it would be worth a look. $75. Not sure how far Edmond is from your daughter.

Here is a link that might be useful: craigslist bed

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Here are some I found searching various cities in NM.

Don't hesitate to offer buying the bed frame only from a set. Also, its probably best (although more work) to search in general terms (headboard, bed, etc.) Most CL sellers with furniture of this era have no idea what the style is--they're just as likely to call it "colonial" as "mediterranean". Or you could try searching manufacturer's that were popular in the 60s/70s--Thomasville, Drexel, etc. I agree that you should keep looking. I see that style fairly regularly, you just need to be tenacious. Or try thrift/used furniture stores (lower end). Etsy will probably be very overpriced because of their younger market, and then you need to deal with shipping. Another thought is to check out estate sales or smaller auction houses. Good luck!

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Some of them may have plastic parts (curly ques, etc). I had a guy who was going to refinish mine and he said he needed to test it before guaranteeing his work because so many from that period had plastic glue-on parts, but when he tested mine he looked pleasantly surprised. Mine is Thomasville, but it is c. 1965. So, be careful when you buy that the decorative parts are not plastic glue on (or resin, whatever).

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Thank you for these great links and the info. Am rushing out the door to go to physical therapy for my hand, but will be back later today to answer. Thank you!!!!

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I came across this web site while searching. If you scroll down, the 6th picture from the top shows the headboard pictured below.
It's not the same as the one you're looking for, but it has some similarities. I have no experience with this site, so can not vouch for their business.


Here is a link that might be useful: Shabby 2 Chic Design

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Not too similar as the one you're searching for, but worth a look.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vintage Headboard - Etsy

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Here's another interesting one for you to check out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Etsy- Painted Wooden Spindle Bed

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Lynn, we got our grandson's bed on CL from Norman, and the price was fantastic. Many people other than college students are searching CL. There are also lots of towns up the interstate she can search.

Brings back memories. We still have our antique chairs we bought in Norman as poor college students.

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this is a king headboard on Dubuque Ia


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Ohhhh, I love every one of them! I spent a lot of time yesterday checking them all out and, sadly, they aren't going to work for me no matter how much I love them. They're either more than I want to spend, too pricey to have shipped here to New Mexico or to Oklahoma, already sold or for pick up only.

So, moved on to Plan B: Compromise.

I headed back out to other shops in my area this morning and found a compromise headboard for only $30. It's wicker instead of wood. While it's feminine, it doesn't have the beautiful detailing that the above headboards have. I bought it because it's clean and in great shape, the tall height will work really well with Emily's PBT bedding and many pillows . . . and I can spray paint it black for just a few dollars more.

I'd found this inspiration pic, which gave me the idea that her many pillows might look best up against a taller, plainer, black headboard. Here's that pic:

Here's her PBT(Pottery Barn Teen) comforter and sheet set, although DD now has a black netted bedskirt with hers:

And here's my $30 bargain headboard, now waiting to be painted:

It's propped up against her new (old) slant front desk, that will also be painted this Summer while she's home here.

Oakley: last month she actually bought a dresser, nightstand and mirror at a consignment shop near the university. But she's not been able to find a decent desk or headboard she liked. I'm personally not crazy about the color of them or the minimal storage area of the dresser, but she loves them and it's her life and her room. Pics below:

Being that she's inherited my decorating obsession (LOL), she already has a number of lamps and artwork for the walls, which also lean towards Tropical.

Her new 32" tall mirror which she'll also be painting black:

And her PBT curtains in Pool, will work well in her new place:

I'll post After pics, but not until everything has been painted, transported to her new place in Norman and set up . . . which will be in late-July.

In the mean time, thank you all for your time, efforts and ideas. I really appreciate it!

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Love it. What a fun project!

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I like the wicker headboard and for $30...excellent find!!
Painted black, it will look amazing with the colors of her bedding & that beautiful oval 32" mirror (painted black).
Thanks for showing all the fun & colorful items she has assembled for her room.


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Thanks Laurie and WMA89! It's been fun helping her to find things for her new place. After the devastation of her sorority house burning down in mid-January (they all, thankfully, made it out safely), she and all her sisters needed some good, positive things happening in their lives. Her ulcer is healing and so is her heart and psyche, finally.

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Personally I like the wicker headboard idea better. It will look great with her bedding and the accents of black in it.

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Always1step: You know, I like it better now, too! As much as I loved the detailing on many of the other ones above, including the one I initially fell for, the bedding is busy enough without having to compete with a busy headboard. I also like that it's tall enough to really show up above the shams and her throw pillows. I'm anxious to spray paint it black, as it will bring out the black in her bedding and be such an elegant foil for it as well. Thanks for chiming in. It makes me feel better about my choice.

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